[Suggestion] Mounts.

Hello forumgoers! And Dev of course.

I’ve only recently downloaded the GSB demo and got rather into it, ‘completed’ the demo in some 6 hours, expert levels done and about 42k honor in reserve now, and frothing over the fact that my banks Visa Electron wont work on overseas purchases, so I’m bugging every friend of mine to buy it for me, a truly excellent game.

Great game, me likey.

So here’s my own suggestion shamelessly copied from several games, Space Empires series, MOO3 and few others.

The module- and especially weapon module mounts.

Instead of adding several dozen new weapons for diversity, the bare minimum amount could be implemented with dizzying amounts of diversity with adding mounts.

From the top of my head, just as example.

Economy mount = for cheap cheaper but lower quality module, as in worse requirements on crew and power or lacking the weapon power, etc.
Bulk produced = More extreme version only for federation
Civilian conversion = Something for Rebels to employ, cheap but fragile.
Handcrafted = Higher quality higher cost for alliance and empire
Point defense = Better tracking and firerate, reduction into damage and range.
Spinal mount = Essentially a weapon with ship attached attached as afterthought, for frigates mostly.
Heavy mount = bigger punch longer reach, worse tracking and reload and inefficient in power.
Weapon battery = instead of trying to make cruiser sized weapons hit small targets, two or three frigate guns crammed in with some sacrifices in power and crew, and tracking.
Long range = Giving up tracking and reload to be able to reach out and touch ships from afar, especially for frigates that escort long range specialized cruisers.

With enough input there’s bound to be a great deal of possible mounts, to add diversity to weapons and tactics and ship designs, and races themselves.
Such as mounts for federation that could lead to low quality, excess in number of ships swarming the enemy, or empire upping the cost of their ships but relying in quality over numbers, and so forth.

Most likely to be balanced most of the mounts that enhance weaponry should be scaled towards having somewhat more disadvantages to the advantages.

Thanks for reading.

Although I’m all for a large diversity of weapons, I don’t see the point in making them diverse versions of each other.
Whats the point of having the same weapon in 100 different variations when you can have 100 weapons in 1 variation?
this game is about being gratuitous, a large variation of different weapons means more epic battles.

Still, having economy or improved versions of a weapon could be a nice touch. maybe only available to certain races?
also. Hello fellow newbie :slight_smile:

Well for one the work involved in adding 100 weapons with their own unique stats that stand out enough not to be redundant, with graphics effects, new sounds even. And good lord, even making up 100 new names for weapons, and testing those.
Versus 100 weapon ‘modifiers’ you can apply to existing ones, and testing the modifiers.

Instead of having 3 or so different beams and the effort to make them all viable between eachother, there could be 1 with 5 or 6 different flavors you could put it with.
(good lord dont remove any existing weapons though)

Oh and thanks for the welcome :slight_smile:

An alternative but similar Idea, Additional modules that enhance the effectiveness of other modules. Similar to the target booster or point defense scanners.

I’m agreed on modules that are ‘Similar to the target booster or point defense scanners.’.

If individual weapons have mini-modifications applied to them, how is the opponent meant to work out exactly what he is fighting?

maybe have different coloured markings on the modules?

I like the idea of weapon batteries on cruisers, in addition to single giant cannon-style guns. Figure maybe use the stats for some particular frigate weapon (probably beam-style rather than missiles/torpedoes), but double the cost, triple the damage? I don’t know, just going stream-of-consciousness here.

Plus I’d like a cruiser-sized variant of the Anti-fighter Missiles.

I second both motions. I have a idea for the auto cannon… It looks like this:

media.photobucket.com/image/impe … /hydra.jpg

make it A.O.E and BAM: problem solved!