Suggestion - Points for Ingredient & Research

The number of unused points now shows on the tabs for ingredients and research. When allocating the points to machines it would be helpful to have the number of machines I have shown in the tree. I think a small number in the lower right corner of the machine’s icon (See Evaporator) would work or an option menu item to turn on an overlay to show the count on top of the icons (See Agglomerator).

I like to allocate points to upgrade ingredients based on the volume of usage. Clicking on each one and checking the usage for all companies does get tedious with the more ingredients there are and at times I forget which one had the highest count. I suggest adding a usage number on the ingredients to indicated the usage for the last 30 days.


I agree, and others have posted similar requests, but that sentence confused me, at first.
I think I read your request as this:

It would be helpful to know the total number of each machine I have.
For example, on the research tab, a small number in the lower right corner of the machine’s icon, or an overlay on top of the machine icons, might show the total number of each machine I have.

Some similar mechanism for the ingredients… maybe the # used in last 30 days.

Of course, for the machines, then we’ll want to know which are actually in “use” and not just placed on a factory floor.

I totally agree to this (number of prductive machines shown on the research tab - I would prefer the small number in the lower right corner but thats only personal taste and not important)!


BTW: I would also like to have some kind of fast forward function so that I don’t have to wait as long as I do now (even with the faster game speed) if I simply want to test some experimental structure I built up. I wonder if this wasn’t requested earlier but couldn’t find any such post with the search functionality (maybe I chose the wrong search terms?).

+1 to this suggestion. I came here primarily to suggest this very thing.

+1 I came here primarily to make this suggestion too. The current situation is awkward.

Machines - show the number of each machine in use.

Ingredients - show the number used over the last day. I can’t for the life of me remember which ingredients I’m using, they all look the same.

+1 - more data in places where we need data overall, please.