[Suggestion] interface changes

  1. From the company screen be able to click a drug and be taken to your oldest (or random or other) machine making that drug.

  2. From the Cures screen, a number showing how many lines of the drug you have processed in the current month.

  3. From the Ingredients screen, a number on each ingredient regarding how many you are using a month.

Good suggestions, Here are links to same (or similar) requests in case you want to follow or see others’ discussion on them:

Similar to viewtopic.php?f=49&t=14359 (the last idea in the list).
‘schmurfy’ had some ideas on bringing player to "output port(s)’ rather than last machine.

You may know this, but that info (or rather the # of INGREDIENT, not the LINES) is available when you click a Cure and then hover over the “Supplied” circle, the one w/ the pill in the bottom right (and you can see AI #'s as well).
I think seeing it for player info only directly on the Cure would help.

see viewtopic.php?f=49&t=14309
The 1st part of OP is about # machines in use, the 2nd part is similar to your # ingredients being used request.