[Suggestion] Reseting Challenges each patch

I’ve noticed that most if not all of the challenges that were up prior to the last patch are still up. Considering all the reworking of modules in the last patch and going forward as those are changed it might be a good idea to wipe all challenges with a patch.

That way if a old fleet is no longer legal you don’t go up against it with out realizing.

Concur - don’t worry about people not posting enough challenges! You could clear them every week and we’d keep the challenge list full. :3

Yes, please implement this - scrolling through all the old challenges that were created with old balance systems is only going to become more of a problem!

Agreed, I will nuke older ones soon.

Plus I don’t think there is going to be much of a problem now. People are throwing up a ton of challenges these days.
So within a day or so there will be plenty of variety.