Updating Challenge Fleet possible?

Hi all,

I assume it’s not possible to update a posted challenge fleet? I thought I better ask before creating new challenges just because I want to make a tiny change to an existing challenge.

Also if I can’t actively update a challenge fleet, do the changes I make to the Ship Designs get automatically tranferred to the GSB Server and my challenge fleet is updated this way ? Again, I suppose not because the server probably only knows of the ship design I had used when posting the challenge.

Actually now that I write those questions I realize that it would be cheating if I update the fleet because other players could have already won against an earlier version but would not be able to defeat the updated fleet for example, maybe a reset of victory data would be feasible?

How is eceryone else dealing with this? I believe I have seen challenges which are numbered, is that the only way to go?

You can delete a fleet and remake, but you cannot modify a fleet you posted.

That sounds like a better approach than having old versions “flying” around, thanks for the tip.

Is there anyway to manually view/search for/filter a chellenge by its number? And whenever I run GSB, I have to refresh my list (its always stuck at some specific point),; like if I post a new challenge refresh it, I see it on the top of my posted list, if I exit gsb, or even the challenge list, it reverts, so I have to constantly refresh it, and it’s incredibly irritating.

Any way to rectify this?