Challenge Discussion!

Hmmm. Is it just me, or do my enemies defeat me by cloaking and never uncloaking?

They should’nt stay cloaked for long, if its longer than a minute that is definitely a bug. Is that the case?

I suspect it might be - occasionally fighters run off into a corner and hide there, too!

all ships will do that if they are set to be cautious under the AI and retreat when damaged. You probably should only use cautious for ships with some element of self repair capability.

As it is, the challenge browser is quite hard to use. I’m really looking forward to seeing it improved!

But, in the meanwhile, anyone found any particularly interesting challenges so far?

I’ve hit the “cloak and never reappear” bug in challenge mode as well, several times. In fact, I’ve lost twice to your fleet Cliffski, because one or more of your ships did this. I put it in 4x and let it run for 10 minutes. My ships just did circles forever.

This along with general crashes during challenge mode has sort of prohibited me from trying most of them out.

It would be neat if you could comment on challenges. especially neat if you could watch challenges that beat yours!

Good stuff.

I think challenge mode will be a lot better after this first patch, right now it’s hard to play because of bugs. Especially if you think you’ve got a hot ship combo and want to try it out on the best of the best, so you look for maps with lots of downloads and few victories. Buuuuuuut, if you download a map and play it, but it bugs out then it counts as a victory for the map, so some of the maps whose stats say they’re challenging are really just unplayable.

That ‘hot ship combo’ is actually a good example of my dream challenge - just a couple of ships with a perfect combo. Maybe we should beg for a new battle at five thousand points specifically for these small awesome combos?

Also, more on the vanishing ships bug here --> viewtopic.php?f=21&t=2475

Another wish - when in a challenge someone’s uploaded, hitting ‘challenge’ should automatically fill in their name for you, so you can send your fleet after 'em.

Also, we really really need a ‘hide auto’ button, as well as ‘show auto’.

Boy I’m talking a lot. >.>

Incidentally you guys might want to check your personal challenges - I’ve been sending a few out to challenge-makers I have pwn3d.

I’d love a small scale battle, somewhere around 3000 points would be about right I think, and 5000 / 7500 would be nice as well.

I also think that the Show All button should NOT show auto-generated challenges, as there’ll be zillions of those. Just show non-auto ones in the All tab, perhaps, leaving auto for the specific auto tab. I know it kinda goes against the word All, so, maybe a checkbox would be better… shrug


Your fleet is so amazing! It has these powers to just vanish on me!

Seriously though, it is annoying when a fleet is 0/30 just because its bugged. Not that I’m bitter about my challenge being dominated so easily (it was mostly a test of the feature :slight_smile: ).

… Zoinks!!!


I’m sure someone has already mentioned it, but a nice feature to include in challenge mode would be to link challenges (or make sub-challenges) into an impromptu campaign. That way, instead of fighting a series of unlinked skirmishes, we’re fighting to an end goal.

I’m winning every single challenge posted. Y’all CLOWNS.


More seriously, it seems there’s an element of gameplay that people aren’t thinking about enough - large numbers of frigates. It’s possible to beat them - an automatically generated challenge by Crazyguy tore one of the fleets I was using to steamroller everything to shreds. The fix involved was altering my deployment spacing, however I’m sure the general concept around the fleet in question (I’m not saying! Until I get my next winning trick!) would be applicable to defeating other large-frig fleets.

By the way, if there’s a challenge near the top of the list with zero wins, that’s because it’s bugged and I can’t win it! Seriously!

If you refresh your challenge list, you’ll notice something interesting.

You’ll notice that ss of right now, I have defeated EVERY uploaded challenge except for the ones that bug out on me.



I’ll be getting to your challenges shortly, I took a short stab at it during lunch and failed. However, I believe I have a strategy that will best your best.


I know at least one person other than me’s knocked down my ‘awesomebadass’ fleet. I wonder how they did it, though.

Which one is the ‘awesomebadass’ fleet? The Federation Foxes? A few people have finished it, including myself. Definitely one of the best on there though. That single fighter squadron definitely causes significant troubles, as they are tough to hit, and my ships always seem compelled to try to fight them.

Nope, look for the one that implies you’re a clown, and the one further down - we don’t need no stinkin’ croozerz.

The Federation Foxes… I love them, they’re a lot of fun, but they’re obsolete. The Fox Huntsman II is actually currently in development and is FAR FAR more lethal.