[suggestion] War Clicks

If this is for a new category, I think it’d be best not to create this. I mean, it would make sense if the category was browser games so it can separate the specific gaming. But other than that, I don’t think you can actually discuss anything on that game. It looks like one of those games where it’s just offline but you have to have internet to play… Um… if you were around when AdventureQuest was out, then you’ll understand. The new AdventureQuest3D is multiplayer now, but the old AdventureQuest requires you to have internet to play but it was solo and it looks kind of like warclicks in a way.

But right now it, it looks more like you’re advertising a game rather than requesting for a new category. I don’t know… I just wanted to reply to you since:

If you’re doing that, then… it didn’t really state stuff that you should put. However, if you’re just suggesting game in general, I think you shouldn’t put it suggestion in the title :sweat_smile: because to me, I would misread this as a category suggestion rather than a simple “come play this game with me” kind of thing.