Suggestions for changes

I’ve been playing as the UK a lot and there are a couple of things I’ve noticed that don’t quite match up with it:

  1. We do actually have armed police, its just they aren’t used or carried often and are left in the vehicle in most situations. I’d suggest enacting the Armed Police policy by default at a low level (Not more than specialists) [~6,500 Deployable Armed Police Officers out of ~129,000 Officers]

  2. Sales tax is at 20% IRL not 26%

Onto general stuff:

  1. Can we have a policy for Electoral Reform (Something with options like FPTP, Proportional Representation, Single Transferable Vote)

  2. A policy for Governmental Reform (Changing things like the UK Parliament to be more democratic, or less, allowing for Anarchism, Authoritarianism etc.)

  3. As others have said, second slider for some policies to allow for more granular control of policy (Ability to adjust tax for different groups for instance)

Thanks for the feedback! Im in the UK too, so I know we have some armed polcie but… the assumption in the game is that all countries have some armed police, the policy is for when the average polcie officer can expect to be armed. Right now the assumption is that a UK police officer will not have a gun unless there are special circumstances, so we have not enabled the policy.

yeah VAT is only (ha!) 20%, but those percentage numbers are not supposed bye totaly accurate, just representative of the differences between countries. We always have to adjust those sliders a bit to make the economic model work correctly over many different varying countries.

Ah, fair.

Thanks for responding, and i’m really enjoying the game!

I also just thought of another policy that would be great to have:

Tax Fraud Agency (Reduces tax fraud)

Yes very true. we shoud be modelling this…