Teacher shortage and university grants

I’m playing Japan, and this is the first time I’ve ever had a teacher shortage. On my first turn I implemented university grants to counter the skills shortage, and this contributed to a teacher shortage. Why is this? Don’t teachers need to go to university to get into their profession? Wouldn’t funding the education system help provide education?


Logically, it would increase the teacher shortage early on, then decrease it after an inertia period (which i’m fairly sure isn’t how inertia works in-game).

I believe the rail strike once worked this way due to a bug, wherein the problem would be caused by Rail Subsidies (setting up a massive state system of transport, with untold logistical nightmares), which agonisingly slowly was addressed as the policy’s inertia took hold (the transport links are organised, funded, and developed as staff are properly recruited and trained).

Whatever the case, in the long-term, funding educational centres ought not disincentivise teaching careers. It sure made this problem hard as hell to deal with though!


Easiest way would be to delete the nonsensical link.