[Technical] Some of the CSV files in 'Languages/English'

(Please be aware that this post will be technical and most likely boring for anyone but Cliffski himself)

So I was roaming around the data-map, and I was wondering where the actual ship modules were stored. At first, I couldn’t find them, so I was concerned they might be ‘hidden’ in the engine somewhere, unmoddable. Searching, I found them under ‘Languages/English’

While I can imagine the need to translate the ship module names, I do not understand why the actual values are in there. I saw that, while you provide the infrastructure, no actual translations have been made yet, but this opens up a very real possibility of bugs and ‘failures’ - Just imagine the English version having one set of modules, and the French having a completely different set, or at least differently balanced. That would result in all sort of weird misunderstandings, beyond just the fact that French are weird to begin with (just kidding ;))

In any case, it’s relatively easy to fix. Change the shipmodules.csv file in the languages/english folder to just have tag,name. e.g. SIM_LightningGunModule,lightning gun
Then grab all the other information except for the name (You obviously need to keep the tag in there) and dump it in some other csv in the data folder. I think the same goes for most other csv files in that folder.

Anyway, with that out of the way, I’ll dive under again, and see if I can mod some of this stuff, I really love how it’s all text-based, and while I’d love a bit of an ‘editor’ of sorts (for example placing the gun hardpoints is a bit of a chore if you just see the numbers) it looks like a really powerful tool for me to impose my will on this universe you created :wink:

Yup, I’m well aware of the hackiness of this at the moment. it will move :smiley:

Another gratuitous hackiness problem found, for your resolvation:

The shipmodules.csv file declares ecm_strength twice. The first one is on the 80th column, the second one is on the 123rd column.