Problem with modding

Not sure if this goes in Modding or Feedback. Well here’s what happened: I was copying and pasting Heavy Mech 3 because airplanes have more than one weapon, why not mechs, and I did it sucessfully. I started the game and figured out that my copy murdered the ambulance file. Now, the game crashes every time. I had a cool dream about GTB, but I guess that goes somewhere else. So, here is my request: Can someone give me the excel code for the ambulance? Also, can someone show me how to put it in without ruining something else?

You could always reinstall the game . .
(just backup your modded data)

Please, just give me the ambulance data. You just need to copy the data in the Hulls.csv file. Using that is much easier than reinstalling.

I only have a very early beta version from when i was testing and i have yet to purchase my copy
(that is why i suggested reinstall)

One thing i have to ask - So you did you manage to place 2 weapons on a mech and they both worked ?
Interesting (i really have to find my credit card)

And I would if I could reinstall, but I am thinking, “Really, what about all the stuff I created and used?” And “I already deleted the reinstall email, I do not remember where it was.”

Cliff should be able to help you with another email - he is great like that.
Alternatly send an email to BMT Micro (the people you purchased the game from)

As for losing your stuff, all you have to do is:

  • move your existing copy to a safe location
  • Install the game again
  • Get the csv data you need
  • move the modded copy back over the top of the install location
  • copy back in the csv stuff.

Yeah, its a bit of fiddling but it comes down to which will be quicker.
(hopefully someone is lurking that can post you the data)

I heartily second that sage advice.

For my own part, once I began modding GSB I simply duplicated all of the game’s text files of interest to me into a second directory. That made for a very quick and painless restoration during the times I occasionally goofed-up something I shouldn’t have while modding. Hell, I even have a third set on a USB keychain drive just in case. :wink: