Thank you so much for making this game

I’ve been looking for an assembly line building and optimization game since forever. (and no, factorio didn’t quite cut it)

And having preordered a yet-to-be-produced electric car whose realization also requires a lot of production line optimization increased that desire even more :3

Someone doing a let’s play of this game showed up in my youtube feed and after watching that i knew i had to buy this game.

I started it up, played for a while and thought “those were two nice hours of fun, time to do something else”. but then i was shocked to see eleven f*cking hours had passed. it’s been years since a game did this to me. i regret nothing.

also the tetris effect is strong in this game. i see conveyor belts whenever i close my eyes. i won’t be getting any sleep tonight.


Thanks :smiley: I think I know the car you mean. I am lucky enough to have the earlier model :D, and yup, this game is partly inspired by me reading constant news updates about certain very very large factories.