Experiences from a new player

I just finished spending 5 hours with the game and wanted to share some thoughts.

I found the game from watching MangedPork on YouTube.
I found it difficult to grasp the controls but two threads on the forum answered my questions (Quick Start and FAQ).
It took a lot of trial and error to even understand how car upgrades would impact the production line.
After 5 hours, I only had lost once, and my second play through has everything researched and a fully upgraded car being produced every 5-10 seconds.
I expected upgrades to have more of an impact (much longer install time, more seperate stations.
Stockpiles seemed to make things worse, they unload so slow.
Factorio has really good quality of life features, which this game could benefit copying.
I will probably play this one more time to try min max a few things and then wait for some more releases. (Like how I’m playing this while I wait for Factorio 0.15)
I stayed up 2 hours longer than I should have playing this, so it’s got that going for it.