The "Free Market Utopia" Achievement?

It was not so hard getting the Communist achievement, where I was able to gradually nationalize the economy (healthcare, education, pensions, etc.) without pissing off the rich.

But the Free Market achievement is notoriously difficult. I played as the United States with 0% socialism and 200% liberalism, and tried to slash most taxes, replaced income with flat tax, switched public services with a vouchers system, and so on. I also subsidized many things. Everything except poverty and equality was doing decently fine, and I got a 100% plus on the ‘capitalist’ end of the political compass, but I couldn’t get the achievement.

As the name suggests, do I really have to establish a ‘utopia’, or am I not doing enough libertarian policies?

There are a few policies you specifically need to get the achievement. Among them is Privatized Prisons, which you may not have–that’s what tripped me up.

ah ok, thanks for the info. I guess legalizing prostitution and gambling helps too.