The New Update

Space pauses/unpauses when making cure name. AI still oversaturates the hell out of whatever they touch. Still really need the ability to make our machines fit better by flipping them. I know the whole ‘directly from output to input’ kinda looks iffy, but as it has been said, the machines just can’t fit together too efficiently otherwise.

And on a side note, renaming your drugs. I tend to make my names ‘Moros [CURE] [TYPE]’ and add ‘Ultimate’ to the end if it’s the best I could get it to (Removable side effects removed, max concentration) and you can on occasion screw up by getting lucky and already being on max concentration for what you’ve been making.

You make a pill, produce it, later come back and improve with Analyser. But, turns out it’s already max concentration, and you can’t rename it to the ‘Ultimate’ system.

That’s funny as hell that space pauses and unpauses the game when typing xD. That’s a great naming system btw, I think I’ll be using it.

It’s even worse when you’re trying to sync your pill printers so you make 30/30 instead of 24/30…