The potential DLC design ideas thread

That’s pretty exciting! Of all the DLC ideas, this was certainly my favourite, as I detailed at length in my New Democracy brainstorm although I would definitely prefer big worldly problems and the future of our world be addressed, rather than the ins and outs of elections and security.

I’m already bemused at the publicity stunts, voter impressions, and terror groups aspect of the game, so I worry that leaning harder into that direction will continue to be disaffecting when what generally fascinates people about this game (if forum subjects are anything to go off) is how politics can be leveraged to solve the problems we see in the world today, and the accuracy and playability associated with that.

That is to say, I’d love to see the climate apocalypse expansion, Industry 4.0 expansion, the 4th industrial labour revolution expansion, space colonisation expansion, etc etc. (in line with the clones & drones or radicalism DLCs from Democracy 3)

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