The Ultimate Mod Compilation thread (01/03/2011)


There are many interesting mods buried in this forum and, sadly, the last compilation thread I saw died quickly. For that reason I’m making this new compilation.
(Links still working and Work-In-Progress mods whose author has recent activity inside the forum. Also, old abandoned mods created for old GSB versions, or the mods which I can’t assure permanent download-link stability, may not appear in this list)

Oh, and to keep this alive, feel free to drop a mail to me if I don’t update this a week after there is new stuff around (but please first post here remembering me to put up/update information about your mod).

jamonla23 aat gmail doot com (replace the words in italics with the logical characters)

Mods will be listed like this: (sorted by thread creation time, oldest to newest, expansions & fixes for mods are just below the original mod)

Mod: Mod’s name
Status: Status of the mod and last update e.g. WIP (26/09/2010), Beta v0.7 (10/01/2010), Released v1.0 (01/04/2009)
Author: Author’s name
Notes: Brief description of the mod (If you suggest a better description than mine, I’ll change it)
Requirements: DLCs or mods required for the mod to work. It’s recommended to use the latest version of GSB for any existing mod (as of May 2013, that’s GSB patch v1.62), so I won’t claim that any given mod can or will work with any given older version of the game.
URL (you’ll have to copy & paste the URL because there’s a limit of 8 clickable links per forum post)

[size=120]@Newcomers to the mod forum[/size]
In the case the desired mod doesn’t come with any sort of installation instructions the following thread may help you. If that isn’t the case, ask the author of the specified mod how to install it (as long as he’s still active).

Template for reporting new mods right here.

[size=200]The Ultimate Mod Compilation for GSB[/size]

Section for new cool races

Mod: Uni-T
Status: Released v2.03 (01/03/2011)
Author: Darkstar076
Notes: Adds the new rogue computer race Uni-T, who have access to a wide variety of varied hulls and a vast array of weaponry to cleanse the galaxy of all life. Includes several sub-factions or “nodes”, even captured and altered official hulls. The mod includes 29 new scenarios and 3 survival missions to face off against the cleaning collective. (There is also a Mac-friendly version availiable.)
Requirements: GSB v1.54, Tribe, Order & Swarm

Mod: Fantasy Fleet
Status: Released (10/12/2010) Development stopped
Author: hopefast
Notes: A completely new race formed with hulls from different sci-fi universes. It also includes several new modules for them and scenarios. Somewhat imbalanced, but fun.
Requirements: None

Mod: Legios
Status: Released v1.10 (14/05/2010) Development stopped
Author: Eich
Notes: Legios offers all dedicated players of GSB a new race with a lot of new content. The Legios scenarios are fast, brutal and gratuitous! Fight your way through grim bastards steering big ships with even bigger lasercannons.
Requirements: None

Mod: Star Blazers
Status: Released (26/01/2010)
Author: tater
Notes: Two new races with their own modules. Gameplay is quite different (fast ships, long ranges, limited ammo for fighters).
Requirements: None

Mod: Scavengers
Status: Released v1.0 (10/04/2010) Development stopped
Author: Eich
Notes: Scavenger adds a whole new race whose ships are formed from the scraps of the vanilla GSB ships. Aside from new hulls and modules, the mod also adds several scenarios and a survival mission.
Requirements: None (Apply hotfix included)

Mod: Uni-T mod Expansion: Hybrids
Status: Released v1.4 (29/08/2010) Development stopped
Author: xeranes
Notes: This expansion adds several new hulls for the devastating Uni-T race found in the Uni-T mod. This expansion is proud to have Darkstar’s seal of approval.
Requirements: Uni-T

Mod: Union
Status: WIP (Beta v0.8) (27/10/2010)
Author: Cen2050, Darkstar076
Notes: This mod introduces a new race called the Union Resistance Coalition who have access to powerful new hulls and 2 new classes of turrets: Siege and MOAT (“Mother of all Turrets”).
Requirements: Tribe, Order & Swarm

Mod: Stargate Tau’ri Race Mod
Status: Released (31/08/2010) Development stopped
Author: Woden501
Notes: This mod aims to include to GSB the races seen in the Stargate series. At this time, there’s only the Tau’ri race available to download (hence the name of the mod).
Requirements: Tribe

Mod: Pirates!
Status: WIP (17/10/2010) Development stopped
Author: Eich
Notes: This mods adds a Pirate faction to GSB whose ships are made from heavily modified versions of the original designs.
Requirements: -----

Mod: Star Wars Mod Reloaded!
Status: Beta (05/07/2010) Development stopped
Author: Dantalion
Notes: A mod made for any Star Wars lover, it adds a wide variety of Rebel, Republic and Imperial ships seen in this famous universe. It also includes some new modules and scenarios.
Requirements: None

Mod: Ancient: A Plant Theme Race
Status: v0.21 (25/12/2010) Development stopped
Author: 123stw
Notes: This mod adds a completely new race designed from plant images. It includes 8 new hulls, several modules, and 2 exceptionally difficult missions.
Requirements: Order, Swarm, GSB v1.53 (uses “Last stand” command in missions)

Mod: R-Type Mod
Status: WIP (00/01/2011)
Author: Dantalion
Notes: This spectacular mod features the ships, enemies and gratuitous weapons found in the R-Type universe.
Requirements: -----

Mod: Star Trek
Status: Beta 1a (12/08/2010) Development stopped
Author: Salient Debate
Notes: The mod adds several races from the Star Trek universe to GSB. It includes 36 ships between the 5 races, some modules for each and 1 scenario.
Requirements: None?

Mod: Eve-online mod
Status: Beta v0.1 (25/10/2010) Development stopped
Authors: Lonestar & Severian-Void
Notes: This mod adds the ships and modules found in the videogame EVE Online with permission from CCP games Creator of Eve-online.
Requirements: None

Mod: Galactic Concordium
Status: Released v1.3 (16/11/2010) Development stopped
Author: N3MES1S
Notes: Race Mod, 11 scenarios, 1 survival mode, customized sounds, music. New modules and modified old ones. 11 cruisers, 8 frigates, 6 fighters.
Requirements: Tribe, Order & Swarm

Mod: Time Again
Status: Released (19/08/2010) Development stopped
Author: Schimera
Notes: This mod adds a new race and some new hulls for federation alongside with a few new modules.
Requirements: None

Mod: His Voice
Status: Beta v0.8 (27/10/2010)
Author: Kete
Notes: This mod adds a new race created from the union of Federation and Swarm ship’s designs. It includes 15 ships, a few new modules and 5 scenarios (1 available in beta).
Requirements: Order

Mod: Homeworld united fleet
Status: Beta (01/10/2010)
Author: GATC
Notes: This mod adds several ships and modules from the Homeworld universe.
Requirements: None

Mod: Earth Alliance Vs Outsiders League
Status: Beta v1.0 (12/11/2010) Development stopped
Author: N3MES1S
Notes: This mod compiles high quality sprites from ships found in different tv series (many of them are from Star Trek) in 2 new races. At this time, it will include more than 100 new hulls.
Requirements: None

Mod: Xedilco
Status: Released v1.0 (28/10/2010)
Author: GATC
Notes: A new dark race formed with extremely fast but fragile ships.
Requirements: None

Mod: The Insurgents
Status: WIP (24/11/2010) Development stopped
Author: Zayack
Notes: A new race formed from the union of Imperial technology with Tribe ships. They have massive hull integrity and upgraded shield capacities but those advantages come with a speed penalty for their hulls.
Requirements: ------

Mod: Deserters
Status: WIP (22/11/2010) Development stopped
Author: ponyus
Notes: A new race formed from former Order members who didn’t agree with the general beliefs of the race. Their ships are a mix of Rebel and Order hulls.
Requirements: ------

Status: Alpha v0.06 (06/12/2010)
Author: ponyus
Notes: This mod adds a completely new race whose ships are created from original 3D models. The final version will have atleast 19 new ships.
Requirements: None

Mod: Ghoulcast
Status: WIP (30/01/2011) Development stopped
Author: CptFox
Notes: A new race made to a true Blitzkrieg standard, they wont last long if there out numbered but turn the tables and there super high metabolism and specialised weapons will keep’em going (the ships are actual living creatures).
Requirements: -----

Mod: Gundam
Status: Released (30/01/2011) Development stopped
Author: hopefast
Notes: A new race featuring ships and weapons from the Gundam universe. It includes 4 new maps (3 missions and 1 survival), 13 ships (13 Cruisers),22 gundams (12 Frigates and 10 Fighters), 4 Fighters and some special modules.
Requirements: GSB v1.50

Mod: Beastslayers (Homeworld Cataclysm Mod)
Status: WIP Release 0.75 (26/02/2011) Development stopped
Author: Peter1x9
Notes: This mod features a new race from the Homeworld universe, the Kiith Somtaaw.
Requirements: Swarm

Mod: Shadow
Status: Alpha 0.1 (04/01/2011) Development stopped
Author: mrjjay & BlackVega
Notes: The shadow race itself is mostly designed for fast and heavy attacks while keeping ship numbers to a low amount. The ships themselves are fast, have large shields, and long range weapons, but have low hull intregrity and are very expensive.
Requirements: Order

Mod: The Ancient Powers
Status: v0.162 (07/02/2011) Development stopped
Author: Wasabi of IP
Notes: 6 new races (Aegyptus, Chaots, Krystalsis, Cleaners, Coalition, & Amazonians) with unique hulls, technologies, and bonuses. The actual version features Aegyptus with several new modules.
Requirements: None

[size=175]Ships and Weapons[/size]
Section for devastating new hulls and guns for the original GSB races

Mod: Classic Dreadnoughts
Status: Progressive release (06/14/2011), very-long-term development of additional content
Author: Archduke Astro
Notes: A bold update of the original 2009 mod, this adds one massive - and massively armed - new cruiser-type design to each of the official “Core 4” races. Two new ship modules are also added. Major racial backstory & dreadnought histories included.
Multiple story hooks for many possible adventures with the vanilla races.
Praised in-thread by GSB developer Cliffski as being a mod that’s “fantastic”, and blogged as “Check this out, it’s just great :D”, and “something that any hardcore GSB player should probably take the time to check out”. He even tweeted about it!
Requirements: GSB 1.54 or higher.

Mod: Type IV power generator [Frigate]
Status: Released (11/11/2009)
Author: Archduke Astro
Notes: Code of an improved power generator for frigates.
Requirements: None

Mod: Type III crew module [Frigate]
Status: Released (11/11/2009)
Author: Archduke Astro
Notes: Code of an improved crew module for frigates.
Requirements: None

Mod: Turbo Shields 2 [Frigate]
Status: Released (18/08/2010)
Author: Archduke Astro
Notes: Code of an improved turbo shield for frigates.
Requirements: None

Mod: Fighter Gatling
Status: Released (13/04/2010)
Author: collimatrix
Notes: Code for a new rapid fire weapon for your fighters.
Requirements: Tribe

Mod: Extended Fleet Project: More Dakka Edition
Status: Released v1.0 (01/10/2010) Development stopped
Author: Lord Mechanis
Notes: Several new modules and ships are included to the vanilla races. Notice that this mod replaces some files of gsb, a backup of the game is recommended.
Requirements: Tribe & Order

Mod: 3xper1ment4l
Status: Beta v0.29a (12/11/2010) Development stopped
Author: SirJamon
Notes: Several new hulls and race exclusive modules are added for each existing race. Also new scenarios complemented with a written story will be included in later versions.
Requirements: Tribe, Order, Swarm, Nomads (All 4 DLC are optional)

Mod: Insane Engine
Status: Released (30/06/2010)
Author: Hybrinoid
Notes: Code of an intentionally overpowered engine for cruisers.
Requirements: None

Mod: Extreme Range Weapons
Status: Released v1.11 (18/07/2010) Development stopped
Author: RCIX
Notes: Code for four new long range weapons that let you enjoy blasting ships at a safe distance.
Requirements: None

Mod: F22 fighter
Status: Released (08/08/2010)
Author: BlackLiger
Notes: Sprite & code that let anyone to add a F22 fighter to GSB. There’s also 2 new weapons for this new fighter.
Requirements: Tribe (Only for F22 Nose Mount Cannon)

Mod: Fighter camouflage and more
Status: Released (19/08/2010)
Author: disorder
Notes: Code for a camouflage module and a new weapon, both for fighters. There’s also included two new weapons for frigates.
Requirements: None

Mod: Frigate-sized target painter
Status: Released (21/08/2010)
Author: strask
Notes: Code which allows to easily add a Target Painter module for frigates.
Requirements: None

Mod: Zayack’s first modules
Status: Released (01/09/2010) Development stopped
Author: Zayack
Notes: Code for a couple of new weapons for all races. The thread also includes code and sprite for the Aroura bomber.
Requirements: None

Mod: Nano bot cannon
Status: Released (18/09/2010) Development stopped
Author: Zayack
Notes: Code of a new weapon for anyone willing to obliterate their enemies with “nanobots”! (Bullet class radiation weapon)
Requirements: None

Mod: Tribe revolution fire support frigate
Status: Released (04/10/2010) Development stopped
Author: Zayack
Notes: Code of a new frigate for the Tribe complemented with 2 new weapons for it.
Requirements: Tribe

Mod: Prophet new modules
Status: Released (29/10/2010) Development stopped
Author: Prophet309
Notes: Code for 13 new modules inspired from already existing modules found in other mods.
Requirements: Tribe (1st & 4th modules) Swarm (6th, 11th & 13th modules)

Mod: The March of Progress
Status: WIP v0.2.0 (07/11/2010) Development stopped
Author: lkohime
Notes: A mod which will include a couple of new weapons for each race, new modules and capital ships.
Requirements: None

Mod: Praetorian Industries
Status: Progressive release (15/12/2010) (Pack 1 Released)
Author: Praetors
Notes: Codes of new and advanced modules by “Praetorian Industries”. “Releasing Everyday Everything for Anyone.”
Requirements: Specified in the post

Mod: Steel Dragon
Status: Released (10/12/2010) Development stopped
Author: 123stw
Notes: A completely new massive hull to help any commander in annihilating their enemies.
Requirements: None

Mod: Some new modules for frigates
Status: Released v1.3 (02/12/2010) Development stopped
Author: blaigh
Notes: A bunch of new modules for your frigates. It includes new armour, shield, crew, power generator and engine modules.
Requirements: None

Mod: Pondafarr Industries ship enhancement pack
Status: WIP, v0.2 (16/01/2011) Development stopped
Author: Pondafarr
Notes: The mod is composed of four projectile weapons and four target boosters.
Requirements: None

Section for new gratuitous scenarios

Mod: Baleur’s Blood Bath
Status: Released (04/09/2009)
Author: Baleur
Notes: An insane scenario against a massive Imperial fleet with a fleet cost limit of 400,000 and a pilot limit of 1,500.
Requirements: None

Mod: Swarms Nest
Status: Released (03/05/2010)
Author: Hybrinoid
Notes: A new survival scenario against the Swarm, for anyone who regretted the absence of this never-ending type of scenario against this race.
Requirements: Swarm

Mod: Battle of the River Plate
Status: Released (31/07/2010)
Author: RogerCooper
Notes: A scenario based upon the Battle of the River Plate (in 1939) using the default ships. The player should deploy exactly 3 frigates for this scenario.
Requirements: None

Mod: Jam Map Pack
Status: WIP (22/11/2010) Paused
Author: SirJamon
Notes: A pack featuring several new scenarios with unique layouts for deployment areas between other features.
Requirements: GSB v1.54, Tribe, Order, Swarm, Nomads (All 4 DLC are optional)

Mod: New Nomad Scenario Free
Status: Released (09/11/2010)
Author: xenu
Notes: A new scenario against the Nomads.
Requirements: Nomads

[size=175]Total conversion utilities[/size]
Section for utility/helper mods which modify the core game

Mod: Ship Graveyard mod
Status: Released (03/04/2010) Development stopped
Author: Hybrinoid
Notes: Mod which changes the asteroid belt which appears in Order’s scenarios with ship hulks.
Requirements: Order

Mod: Polish version of GSB
Status: Partial release (10/09/2010) Development stopped
Author: NetSerwer
Notes: Changes all the text in GSB to Polish. At this moment only the communications are available.
Requirements: None

Mod: Augmented Defenses Mod (Enhanced Armor)
Status: Released (12/09/2010) Development stopped
Author: Cetiah Nova
Notes: Mod which improves armour protection.
Requirements: None

[size=175]Other stuff[/size]
Section for uncategorized additions for the game

Mod: Communication Improvement
Status: Released (09/12/2009)
Author: ThePengu
Notes: More than 500 new mid-battle communication messages are added in this mod. Beware that it replaces the original file.
Requirements: None

Mod: Ship name lists
Status: Released (19/08/2010)
Authors: disorder, Schimera, captainhair & Woden501
Notes: Code which can be used to easily create several new ship name lists for the game.
Requirements: None

Mod: Gratuitous Music
Status: Released (04/11/2010)
Author: ducksoup
Notes: Not a real mod but a compilation of music which can be used as new music for the existing races. Remember to backup!
Requirements: None

Tools which will help you in increasing the gratuitousness of the game

Mod: Random Scenario Generator
Status: Released (05/12/2010)
Author: Roger Cooper
Notes: You will need to paste the first page into a scenario file called random.txt and deployment file in folder called random
Requirements: Excel 2007

Mod: Restricted modules for original races
Status: Released (01/03/2011)
Author: Kemp
Notes: This handy fix will create several copies of the original modules each one restricted to one of the 8 races. Perfect for new modded races that aren’t supposed to use those modules or as a base for making the races more different. Backup your GSB install before installing!
Requirements: None

Mod: GSBEdit
Status: Alpha (06/02/2011)
Author: Kemp
Notes: A complete module editor which allows quickly tweaking the stats of your modules. More features will come in the future.
Requirements: None



[b][u]Mod[/u]:[/b] [b][u]Status[/u]:[/b] (00/00/2010) [b][u]Author[/u]:[/b] [b][u]Notes[/u]:[/b] [b][u]Requirements[/u]:[/b] URL

Putting on a 2nd post stuff I know is out but still has to make it to the list.

Good news is that I’ve alread dug out every thread in the forum and saved the links. Now I only need to finish seeing if those mods WORK and then add them to the list.

There’s still missing:

Waiting for updates in these ones:

  • Archduke’s dreadnoughts
  • Rebel Orbital Platform


Mod: Galactic Concordium
Status: Released v1.0 (10/09/2010), last update (24/09/2010)
Author: N3MES1S
Notes: Race Mod, 11 scenarios, 1 survival mode, customized sounds, music. New modules and modified old ones. 11 cruisers, 8 frigates, 6 fighters.
Requirements: Version 1.47 or higher of Gratuitous Space Battles. Tribe, Order, Swarm expansions.
URL: viewtopic.php?f=23&t=5203

P.D.: U should add the field called “Requirements” :wink: and btw my WIP “Lague Of Races” is not going to finish named that way, its probably i will separate the mod in 2 factions, so i suposse u should keep the old name till i figure it out how it is going to be named. And it will a good idea to include a small screencap of the mod so people can fast look at it.


True, I forgot some mods require some of the dlcs. I’ll be adding that part for each mod. And thanks for saving me the time to write the Galactic Concordium for the list. Adding it now :wink:

Btw, I’m changing the OP title to something more clear.

EDIT: And fixed the dates. I don’t know why the hell I was using mm/dd/yyyy instead of dd/mm/yyyy.


Hey there, Hidalgo Galactica. :slight_smile: Good news - GSB’s original dreadnoughts are in the middle of being updated! :smiley: Please don’t bother with their threads - YET. I will update each of their threads with the new content as soon as the updates are done. When done that way, players will have access to the latest and greatest data for them once they’re listed within this overall mod compilation. Thanks.


Those are great news :slight_smile: I’ll be waiting until you update before adding them to the list :wink:

I’ll think of it for when the list is more finished. I agree that a preview picture for each mod would be great but that will obviously take some time for some mods (mainly with the abandoned ones).

Time to add the missing motherload of mods in here :smiley:


Hi hi can you update your list to the following please?

Also There is an upcoming update for the mod that is a totaly remake of the surrent content that is out. See thread for more details, and changelog.


Updated. Seems I forgot to put the status of the mod also, updated that part for now until you put up the next patch.


Many many thanks :slight_smile:


WOOOOT!!! Im in the list! YA!!


I had actually forgotten about my Orbital Platform that I released. I think it’s about time to do an update of it now that sizes can exceed what they were before, and who knows maybe I can fit a few more hardpoints on it!


I’m counting on you, Norse deity of the spacelanes. :slight_smile:


Well, I’ve updated the OP with the latest changes in mods and added a couple of mods (lol at that scenario I’ve found).

Sorry for not putting more, I have headache each time I go to the computer (motherf****** noisy fans) D: . But don’t fear, at least I’ve saved a lot of urls from old mods buried in this forum.


The tribe is not require with the last released version of the mod.



Btw, headache is finally gone and now I can think a lot more clearly. I’ve split the mod list in 4 sections (Races, Scenarios, Weapons&hulls and Total conversions). Now it should be easier to find concrete mods in the list. I’ll keep adding the stuff I find around.

-Late edit-
Added 5th section for mods that don’t enter in any of the categories I’ve made.


As I’ve seen that some of the old mods, like “Fantasy fleet” by hopefast, show signs of broken links around the several links that are found in their threads, I’m adding a new rule for the mods in this list [size=120](it’s mainly applied for unfinished clearly abandoned mods)[/size].

I don’t want to start to take down old mods from the list just because their authors suddently stopped supporting their own work LONG AGO. Also, some of them need some tweaking in their codes to run in the newest gsb versions.

I hate having to do this D:

What I mean is that if a mod is clearly unfinished and abandoned long time ago (nearly 12 months is my definition of long ago), it will dissapear from the list if their mod is hosted in an external storage site (megaupload or similars places where the link could be taken down due to inactivity or whatever else). I’ll still list old functional mods which are attached in the forum or are in code form. Also, I may even reupload if there’s the case of a COMPLETED mod with its link down.


I agree wit u.

And btw, some storage sites like filefront delete the links much earlier than megaupload or other sites.

Hey SirJamon i finally decided how my mod is gonna be named. Because of the extension of the ships number (more than 100) i will divide the mod in 2 parts / selectable races. And the mod itslef will be named “Earth Alliance Vs Outsiders League”. Thats the best name i could find, please change it on the first post :wink:


Hi SirJamon

Could you add Union to the Mod List please
This mod will be a seperate download (once complete) to the Uni-T mod. Work on this mod started at the same time as Uni-T.

Mod: Union
Status: WIP (Beta v0.8)
Authors: Cen2050, Darkstar076
Notes: This mod introduces a new race called the Union who have access to powerful new hulls and 2 new classes of turrets Siege and MOAT.
Requirements: Tribe, Order & Swarm


Damn it! I knew I was forgetting an active mod >.<
Added to the list just after the Uni-T expansion :slight_smile:

Updated :slight_smile:



Sorry if I didn’t update this for a while. I was somewhat busy and I didn’t see many activity from lurking the modding forum.

If someone could test the stability of both WWII mods for me it would be really helpful. I’ve added the links in the 2nd post.