Things i don't like and think needs to be rebalanced

Taxes and Population: I think taxes should always scale with the population and the groups that are paying them: if you tab into the disposable income tab you can already see that certain taxes only are paid by different groups. But this if most of the times not represented in the tabs at the taxes.

Too much disposable income. I don’t know what i exacly did, but i seems that certain policies seem to generate money out of nowwhere. Policies that generate income for a certain group have to scale in costs with the membership of this group: especially environmentalists and religious people. In my current game i have close to 100% rich peuple and im not in deficit! !


I think the main problem is that there is no real balance between the cost of a policy and the impact on the groups. Enviromentalists and Religious are basicly cash cows in this game because you easily can reach 100% with them. The policies that should only affect them become basicly “everyone” policies. The same goes with state employees, farmers and self employed. Overlapping in this groups leads to a net income gain for everyone.
Another role play the tax reliefs which are way higher than the actual amount paid. The tax reliefs should scale in cost and use with with the private committment and should exclude each other

For example here in this example this guy gets more back for private schools than he actually paid. He only spent 1k for Health and got 23k back. On top of that he got 23k from living in a state house and 23k from mortage relief. Here needs to be a change, because this policies basicly don’t cost me anything

Overlapping in groups: The Problem here is that major groups seem to overlap each other which causes the whole game econemy to break down (shown above). There needs to be a balance factor between the groups. Especially: Farmers, Self Imployed, state employed, unemployed,Retired, youth

In my games this groups always add up to about 200%. In the current game i am at :24% retired, 22% youth, 48% self employed, 62% state employed, 59% farmers. And there are still 2/11 unemployed. As seen above this leads to unrealistic numbers and income overlapping because this groups don’t exclude each other. Another point missing here are just normal employees which usually are the majority group in a modern country and are not respresented at all in the game

GDP: GDP is still managable to easy, im always at max (like in d3) and even crashes only have minor influence

Foreign Relation and trade: I think you did a great job here, because it is not that easy to maximize this values anymore, like it was in the last game. My Foreign Relations are always medium to bad. Trade on the other hand is depending on country (as canada is is very easy)

Environment: While i always had it at max in d3 it now gets way more difficult. You have to bringt big effort do get it higher and never reach maximum because of gdp

Car Usage and Drivers: I think there must be a rescalement between % of Drivers and Car Usage. My %of car drivers is currently at 0% but my car usage still is up to 50% (which is hurting the enviroment and gives me taxes)

Efficiency/wages/unemployment : I think the tools we have here are very good and nice

State industries: I think the state industries need to be rebalanced. First, i think there has to be a private postal industry and a private broadcasting industry. On the other hand i think there needs to be a change. If state industry costs the state money, then private industries need to costs the consumers money/income… currently this is not reflected in the game. I can understand that state industries are more expensive because they usually pay higher wages,and are not as productive, but in the game they cost you a big amount of money while private industries are basicly free. On top of that they increase efficiency, while in reality they do not because they are seen as not as efficient from an economic perspective. In my opinion it should be like this:
State Industries: Reduce productivity, cost the state all the money to maintain (less than now) decrease unemployment by a huge amount
Private Industries: Increase produtivity, cost the consumers some money now, decrease unemployment by a lower amount.

I think that the energy industry is a bit bad designed. It is the only industry that doesn’t reduce unemployment and it gets always killed if you do the energy connected policies for environment. I think great feature here would be the abilithy to ban/favor certain types of energy productions. A good idea could be to simulate a need for Energy, the more population and the bigger your econemy gets the more/diverse sources of energy you need.

Energy Efficiency: I get this to max way to easily and it should have more impact/be harder to archieve.

Health: Like in the last game i always have this at max really easy. I feel like its to easy to overstack it.

Crime: Like in the last game i always have this at max really easy too, If i maxfund police and maxfund intelligence service i’m easily at 0 crime rate and don’t even need most of the crime realted policies. If always use them to decrease certain memberships and make certain groups happy, not for reducing crime. The tools against riots are very handy, but make the game way more easier. While i couldn’t to certain policies in d3 i now just use teargas and the other policy and no more riots ever again.

Immigration: As i already posted in another thread: I think Immigration is too strong it scales to heavily with gdp and health and you are not really able to stop it fully. Thats a bad situation because in this game immigration always gives me a negative view. If have no benefits of high immigration and i’m not able to “integrate” people to make them useful. On top of that certain more isolated countries like uk,australia, kanada should have a geographical bonus because of their location in the world (island, isolated). I think the best solution would be to seperate Immigration in Immigration by Air,Land and Sea. (Maybe a good topic for dlc) To reflect the real circumstances better. For Austrlia there is no Borderwall needed, because it is an island, but you maybe want coast guards. On the other hand germany is difficult to reach by sea but has a huge landborder etc.

is there a reason why my post is not in general feedback or general discussion anymore? i thought i posted it there


Hi Cliff what do you make of these concerns?

How should private industry be balanced with public industry?