This is the start of the end of the Internet as we have know

The FBI Shut down Mega upload for charges of piracy and are looking to arrest and charge the 4 owners of it. I have used Megaupload my use of private PC backups and now I no longer have access to them that to my Government that you very much. More information is here, … ?source=fb

EDIT: I have read more and more into this and have found that this was NOT related to S.O.P.A or P.I.P.A. Like I was thinking at first, And after combing the news i could find on this matter. Even though i have lost data i feel that this action IS justified and I will no longer appose its actions.

the Refusal to remove copyright works is there downfall, IF they can prove that they did more than delete just the links to the copyrighted stuff and really deleted it from there servers than they are ok. However from the looks of thing they can not prove that and are as some say it truly boned.



What does that means?

That my Friend means that S.O.P.A. is dead gone history, yet we still have to kill P.I.P.A. as it too is like S.O.P.A. and will do the same.

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This has nothing to do with PIPA or SOPA, and if the accusations are true, I think MU is well and truly boned.

One of the commonest locations for people to pirate my games was on megaupload. They hosted maybe hundreds of links to pirated copies of games I worked on for years at a time.
The owner had a lambourghini and a $30million mansion paid for by giving away other peoples work for free. I certainly don’t have that kind of lifestyle, and I MAKE the stuff he gave away to get ad revenue…

Frankly, screw him. I hope he gets serious jail time. I have absolutely no sympathy whatsoever.

It sucks that some people lost personal files on there, but megaupload was a piracy site, everybody knew it. Never trust a 3rd party site that is hosting 99% copyrighted content with your work. All these sites are one judge away from dissapearing.

Ok I have contacted Mediafire about ALLOWED copyrighted works of mods on there server and this is what I got in response.

I do not know if this is a step in the Right direction but I do hope that it is. I will try to contact Both CCPGAMES makers of Eve-online and Try to contact Bethesda to see if I will be allowed to use there content and let them know the location of said files to help prevent a Take-down request from there lawyers. As far as I am away Bethesda does allow mods to me made with Homeworld provided no money is made from said mod. But If I was to get this in black and white directly from them, I would feel much better.

Anywho Thought I’d LEt you all know mediafire’s standpoint on copyright mod works.