Three new policies - tithes, bank holidays and silver surfer


I’ve created three new policies that you can download. They’re all in the same zipped folder for download. It includes:

Tithes - This is basically a tax the everyone must pay, the revenue from which goes towards funding the upkeep of churches. Religious folk love it, but liberals hate being compelled to fund a religion even if one is not a member, and the wealthy and middle income don’t like having to pay them. Worst of all, it raises no revenue for you, because the money goes straight to the churches. Wikipedia has a great article on tithes, both historic and modern day, if you want to read more …
Bank Holidays - These are days, usually but not always religious festivals, where the whole nations gets the day off work. Has similar effect to liberal labour laws - …
Silver Surfers Programme - No, not the comic book hero, but a programme to get retired people on the Internet. Retired people like it, and it increases Internet usage - …

Good new policies.

Ill try them out later, I got a new game for Christmas, and want to waste my life on that first :stuck_out_tongue:.

Nice I’ll try them out now. I do titheing :smiley: 10% of my wage goes to the Church.

Just downloaded.

Ill give you a more in-depth commentary later, but it looks like a good set of policies.

EDIT: I just checked them out.

I like the idea of silver surfer-but it may be a bit unbalanced (for $200mil, you get a huge boost in internet access, and make the elderly happy… maybe put in another ‘unhappy variable’ (such as the middle income, or poorer people, who see it as money wasted on people who are going to be dead in a few years anyway)

Tithes is a very good idea, and, as far as I can see, there are no gaping holes in it, good job :smiley:.

The bank holidays may give a bit too much of a bonus to trade unionists-maybe boost the unhappiness raised by the capitalist (generally, they are the opposite to trade unionist, at least here in Australia)


Thanks for your comments. I’ll have a go at rebalancing them later (may be a few days seen as it’s Christmas).

You might want to tie the silver surfer cost to Retired_perc which is the current percentage of the population in that group. The Winter Fuel Subsidies policy does this.

That’s a good idea, thanks Cliff. I’ll put it in when I upload a new version of them (probably tomorrow).

OK, I’ve uploaded an updated version. Same link as above. Hopefully I have corrected any problems suggested above. Any comments, please add them here.