Suggestion: Possible Tax Bureau?

Something along the lines of the IRS in America. Increased funding will decrease rates of tax evasion and increase the effectiveness of tax collection (and thus the total amount collected). Upping funding could make socialists happy (since it decreases tax evasion and increases equality) while angering the rich (no more tax loopholes!).


Perhaps it could also annoy Liberals at the higher tiers, in order to show the breach of privacy


Tax evasion has gotten harder to avoid in the current build, so it certainly feels like a good time to suggest such a thing.

On this note, it’s worth mentioning how certain policies would logically contribute to bureaucracy more than others (if only to discuss why anyone could possibly NOT want a policy like this). The IRS is probably the premiere example of America’s bureaucracy, after all.

On the other hand, Right to Die and similar freedoms surely would mean less bureaucracy, as well as other “carrot” policies that are designed to contribute, such as grants. Sure, that’s another example of paperwork, backed by big government authority, but it’s a regulated boon rather than a contrivance, as the Bureaucracy situation describes.

You could make a similar argument about devolved divisions like the state services, climate adaptation program or space programs, since they’re designed to manage themselves with a degree of autonomy.

In other words, it’s clear how some policies complicate and encroach on civilian life, like harsher tax codes, but puzzling how others could affect it, especially those designed to simplify and enrich public life.


This would be an excellent policy to add. Among other reasons, it would add some challenges based on play style. I don’t think I’m the only one who was found the Liberal Capitalist quarter to be the strong quarter to play in, and that’s exactly who would be annoyed by this.

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Yeah exactly, Liberal capitalist is the way to go.

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Tax collection efficiency IS currently affected by the experience and effectiveness of the relevant minister but I do agree that special policy/funds to enforce tax collection could also feed into this. You could compensate for a n00b tax minister with a better-funded tax-collection agency!