Timing bugs?

I have some weird bugs going on with the demo.

  • A lot of text and stuff “ghosts”. When looking at scrolling text or at the notes in practice mode they will flicker off and on and even remain after they should (presumably) have stopped showing.

  • Sometimes the notes in practice mode speed up tremendously and I get a whole line of them all at once.

  • I’m not sure what the %'ages are supposed to mean in practice mode but they go way crazy for me. As soon as I get a note right they go negative and start scrolling into large negative numbers (i.e. -3400%).

  • some other odd glitches which I’m not remembering at the moment.

Seems like a fun game and I’d like to give it more of a chance but the glitches are awfully annoying.

I’m running a very capable computer and any number of things could be messing this up:

Dual Athlon 4200+'s
Two monitors
Radio X300/X550

Hi. You have another program running in the background somewhere that is doing some serious disk activity or processor stuff, and this is what is causing the skipping you describe. I know the exact thing you mean, because I saw it during testing if a scheduled virus scan or windows defender scan started up.
If you have windows Vista, it may be doing it’s dreaded ‘indexing’ which takes hours and causes huge slowdown. Personally, I turned the indexing off on my vista machine. I hope that helps.


Not Vista. I closed all apps. I had 1.5GB memory free and was using 2% of processor (and I have two of those). No AV or other scan going.

Still happens.

Game runs very quickly. Too quickly in places. Just has all the weird timing issues.