touch pad scrolling

Or rather, touch pad not scrolling. My touch pad on my laptop has a scroll wheel area along the right side. In GSB, it doesn’t activate the zoom function. It works fine for scrolling in other applications. If I use an external mouse, the wheel works as expected. I suspect not many people are running GSB on laptops since I haven’t seen this mentioned in the forums.


I’m also running on a laptop, and I have this problem as well. To be fair, I didn’t realize that using that area was supposed to zoom in or out. I’ve just been using Page Up and Page Down to do that.

That’s a particularly strange error. As far as I’m aware, both the mouse scroll wheel and the touchpad’s scroll area should send the same commands to the game. Maybe this isn’t the case in DirectX?

Dunno… I’m not a Windows programmer. In X, the scroll wheel and the touch pad pseudo-scroll both generate button 4 and button 5 events, so they work the same. Not sure if that’s the case in Windows.


lol, same here, I do Linux programming, not Windows. :smiley:

In directx terms it’s called DIMOFS_Z
basically the mouse moves in X and Y and also in directx, in Z. The game just queries for whether or not there has been a movement in the Z axis, and maps it to zooming. It sounds like the driver for the trackpad isn’t correctly telling directx where to map that movement. A directx inpout device can have tons of different Axes, mainly for those over complex joysticks, so it sounds like its picked one of those.
I presume all this hasn’t changed very recently. Input code is something you write once, then ignore for ages…

So is this likely to be something we could change with a registry setting or with some directx configuration utility? Or is it something you would have to fix in the program? Is there a sample or test program we could run (like xev in X) that would tell us what the touchpad is generating?