Turbo Shields vs Shield Generator 2 am I missing something

I tried searching about this but couldn’t really find the answer I was looking for. But am I correct in my thinking that Turbo shields are worse than the regular shield generator II. Lets compare them
Turbo Shield/Shield Generator II
Honor: 2500/ 0
Cost:84/ 73
Weight:32/ 30
Hit Points:33/ 60
Power Consumed:6.80/ 5.30
Crew Required:6/ 5
Shield Strength:77/ 70
Shield Resistance:7/ 10
Recharge Rate:6/ 7
So they cost 2500 honor to unlock and the only advantage to them is 7 Shield Strength (which really isn’t that much) they also have 27 less hit points so their 7 shield increase is kind of negated by that (I know there not the same and aren’t completely equivocal but you get my point) they cost more, weigh more, consume more power, need more crew, lower resistance, and slower recharge rate. So unless I’m missing something. I can’t think of a scenario where I would use them over the Shield II.

It’s like backwards you should start with the turbo and be able to unlock the Shield II (Or at least I would if I made the game lol) What’s the point in unlocking it if what you start out with is better to begin with? Now I know there is stuff that unlocks that can be weaker than stock, but usually you get the benefit of it costing less, weighing less, consuming less power… But that is not at all the case here.

And they even say in the description "These aren’t just ordinary shields. These are high powered, sleek designed Turbo Shields " So unless there are hidden magic stats or abilities that I’m not aware of I think Positech just trolled me lol.

Comments? Opinions?

Hello, Jake, and welcome aboard.

No, you aren’t missing something, or mis-reading the description, or otherwise going crazy. Turbo Shields really are less effective than Shield Generator II. It’s a rather visible balance misjudgement. :confused:

But all is not lost! Go to this post of mine, seen at our Modding Forum.

Copy the text you see in that post’s “CODE” window into an empty plain-text file in an external text-editor program. Do the copying manually via Select All/Copy in your text program; don’t click the “SELECT ALL” button that the forum provided there! That button has problems with adding additional spaces, linebreaks or something that causes the game to choke on them.

Save the resulting file as “frigate turboshield 2.txt”.

Then add that file to your existing game install. I think you’ll be satisfied with my corrected version of what Turbo Shields should have been like.

O good as long as it’s not me, thx for the mod too

Can I point out that any modding like this may have a huge impact if any challenge is posted or retaliated?

Especially as this is not a race mod but will affect the vanilla and dlc races and any ship that is posted as a challenge which has this shield will crash anyone attempting to use the challenge / retaliation. Unlike race mods nobody will be aware of the mod until attempting to play the challenge when GSB will crash with an error stating that frigate turboshield 2 (or similar) cannot be found.

And as simple as it is to try and remember to avoid modded components people are lazy and tend to make ships from a specific pattern or selection.

Petition Cliffski that certain mods get included in an update.

These forums are so dead that I think it’d be poor luck if Cliffski didn’t see this thread.
Even forums as specific and unnerving as furry-transformation-hypnosis are more lively than this ghost town.

I always got the impression that Turbo Shields were meant to be that over-priced luxury item that nobody uses except to show off that they can.

That’s what the description makes them sound like.