Two minor change requests


I know you have more major things to work on at the moment, but, there are two fixes I’d like to see when you have time.

1.) More transparent clouds. I know I can shut them off, but I like the way the look. That said, there are times that I can’t really see through them.

2.) The damage indicator toggle is a great feature, but, it doesn’t remember where it was set, so I have to turn it on every battle. Additionally, I’d like to see a way to tell if it’s on or not by looking at the icon.

I am liking the game a good deal right now. Thanks!


I agree with both of these.

The clouds I think are a really nice effect, very pretty (I particularly like how you zoom in through them, which is a great touch) but they seem to have an unerring ability to completely obscure the most important part of the field when I’m zoomed out all the way. If they were just a bit more transparent, or perhaps just transparent in a certain radius around the mouse pointer, it would be great. At the moment, I’m having to fight the urge to turn them off.


yup the lack of toggle on damage indicators is already on the bug list, and I actually agree that sometimes the clouds are annoying, I’ll tone then down a bit.


I for one love the clouds as they are…

if at all possible plz leave that in as an option…