Two Multimixer in one line... impossible?

Hello there,

great game. Bought it and love it. But I hope difficulty will be tuned up until release.
The only difficulty I stumbled upon (and could not solve yet): How to add two multimixer in one production line. I found no way to connect two mixer without having the bands being crossed. And having bands crossed usually ends up badly. Too often one of the mixers gets the same ingredient twice ending in some stuff I really did not want to have.

Is there a plan to have bands cross without having the ingredients being mixed up (aka one band on a top level, the other one on a lower level)?

Or did I miss something?

Thank you.

You cannot cross belts. YET. But we are discussing what to do in that area…so watch out for updates to the game I guess :D.

Until they add belt crossings, you can do it with an extra ingredient input. E.g.

Thanks, looking forward to it.

If I understand you correctly, an extra input is what I could not do. The positions of the two input sockets and one output socket at the Multimixer would not allow me (or I just could not find the solution) to have connect the two input belts to the four input sockets without blocking the output socket. At least not without belt crossings…

He means an extra wall socket. So, you get the same ingredient from two wall sockets, one for each Multimixer, and your second ingredient feeds both of them.

Alternatively, you can split the input and go to two Mixers which go to two separate outputs.

Thank you all for your precious input. I rebuild my line a couple of times to check it out, but I could not solve the problem.

Unfortunately, the Mixer is not the last one in the production line, so connecting it to a pill-maker will not work. Neither is the ingredient to the Mixer one that comes unprocessed from a wall socket. Additionally, I rarely have a wall socket ‘left over’. I always have the problem of running short of free wall sockets…

I tried to put two Mixers into the production line to increase efficiency. All machines before and after the Mixer have a 1-frame production cycle, so the Mixer is stopping everything down to the 2-frame cycle, something I wanted to avoid by adding another Mixer. That seems to not be possible right now. Full optimization impossible. Oh that bugs me. :wink:

The way I do Multi Mixers is this:

A B A Three doors for importing ingredients.

This feeds two multi Mixers, as ingredient B can reach both of them without needing to cross lines. Thus you can feed two Multi Mixers (which then feed a proper production line) Using only 3 doors, rather than 4. If you need to use shakers, make ingredient A the one that needs to be shaken. The fact that the shaker caps the flow of the ingredients at a rate of 2 isn’t a problem for ingredient A, since they’re only going to be input at that rate anyway.

This gif is this idea taken to its logical extreme, with 5 input slots are feeding 4 multi-mixers which then feed two full production lines into 2 exports.

Wait a minute… if you have two multimixers in the same line, then does it turn the line into a multi-multimixer? DUAL MULTIAGE?

Is there a plan to have bands cross without having the ingredients being mixed up (aka one band on a top level, the other one on a lower level)???

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