Two Technical Questions Before Buying

  1. Would this game run on my terrible NVidia GeForce 9200 Integrated video card?

    8 Stream Processors.
    529 MHz core clock.
    1300 MHz shader clock.
    400 MHz memory clock.
    Up to 256 MB memory.
    64-bit memory interface.
    6.4 GB/s memory bandwidth.
    27.1GPixel/s Pixel Fillrate.
    4.2GTexel/s Texture Fillrate

Yes technically it is listed above 128mb memory but I know from experience that it is a pathetic piece of junk with it’s 8 Stream Processors. Like GSB barely runs smoothly after I disable most things so…

  1. Should I buy this game on Steam for the $5 discount? I saw people are having problems with it. And knowing the update delay on GSB and I don’t know if it’s worth it. I just wish the in store price would be the same as steam.

Very hard to tell. For what it’s worth, the technical issues people are having seem to be related purely to the steam-interface co-existing with GTB, not the games performance itself, which seems fine for almost everyone.
The game does let you run it at fairly low res (1024x768) and disable a lot of options, so it may still run ok, but every hardware combination is different…

Lol no luck. I bought the game but I can only play the first 2 stage before it start REALLY lagging… Every visual effect is disabled and I even took the time to set special performance rules on my video card. I guess that’s that.