Update 1.49 Sneaky rework stations cause defects

I am not gonna log this as a bug as I personally do not believe it to be.

I have noticed that even if there is a rework station (and in my case 3), that a defect is sometimes generated by the rework station.

I think is is quite realistic, but am posting about it as I would like to get clarity on whether or not it is a bug.

To clarify, the vehicle had a defect in station 1 that was fixed. Moved through QA on station 2 with no problem and the developed a bug coming out of station 3.

Awesome update Cliffski.


rework stations should be immune to creating defects, as should visual inspection slots. I presume thats the only 2 slot types you have there?
Be aware that some defects are invisible, even after multiple reworks, because there is only a set percentage chance of them being spotted, or them being fixed.
Are you 100% sure that the car in question had no defects when it went into rework station 3(It may have just ‘revealed’ one in the previous inspection) and yet came out of 3 with a new one?

Glad you like the update.

I am finding that a good way to smite defects is to run the line through several visual inspections in a row, and branch the line if a defect is found, send it through a rework station, then run it back through the visual inspection stations, etc.

I’m new and may make massive errors but I have seen a car go through inspection -> rework then back to inspection -> rework several times before being fixed. I am not complaining about this.

I don’t know what it costs in terms of labor/rent/power to overkill purge defects, but it’s possible without too much trouble. I think I’ve seen exactly one defect in my showroom, ever, given that my final QA is three visual inspections, rework on defect and loop back through that.

My factory is 3 or 4 minutes per car, so this is new player factory.

I am 99.99% sure that a defect slipped through. I have however been unable to replicate this behavior so I will consider the matter closed.
It was interesting to see in Blog 68 that the percentile fixed is at 80% per rework slot. As well as how the severity increases the longer a vehicle is not fixed and continues along the production line.
I am assuming that since I initially only had rework stations at the end, that the severity of the defects was greater than what the rework stations could handle. I do now have them throughout the production line.

Rework stations will fail even if they are near the location of the defect.

What do you mean by they fail?

I mean that a car with a defect goes into one and a car with a defect comes out.

Severity only affects how long fixing a defect takes. Currently its a fixed 80% chance of a fix, regardless of severity. This will become clearer soon with this GUI change:

I calculate that you need two of each slot running concurrently.

My math is as follows:
if x is the 80% value of detection and y is the 100% detection rate required then
X multiplied by Y =100 % detection
therefore y divided by x = 1.25

SO i need two defect detection slots and then 2 rework slots to achieve 100%.

The maths doesn’t work like that though sadly.

The first slot gets 0.8 for you leaving you with 0.2 missed.
The second slot then gets 0.8 of that 0.2 leaving you with 0.04.
A third would then get 0.8 of that 0.04 so 0.008 left

Youll never get to Zero, it would just get infinitely smaller.

And that doesn’t account for things being missed at the fix either.

Which is kind of cool in a way, I bet even 1 in 1,000 rolls royce cars has some minor defect somewhere…

I agree. No car is ever going to be prefect. Plus it makes you think about how to utilise them.