Interim update (1.101)

Hi, Iā€™m not triggering the update notifications until the next major version, but I just set live build 1.101, which has these changes, hopefully you like them :smiley:

[1.101 (Currently in development)]

  1. Renamed Internet Currency to Cryptocurrency.
  2. Adjustments to all policies & situation affecting farmers, who were too easily pleased. Plus international trade and petrol tax now affect them.
  3. Improved terrorist plot details dialog screen shows current threat level and link to intel screen.
  4. New Policies: Financial Transactions tax, Proportional Fines and Ban Coal.
  5. Technology defaults lower, but is now boosted by high military spending.
  6. Fixed bug where party names lists seemed empty if screen height was 800 or lower.
  7. Violent Crime now harder to fix and also linked slightly to unemployment.
  8. Reduced the severity of gridlock situation.
  9. Reduced impact of some policies on environmentalist happiness.
  10. Fixed bug where the turn before an election, the election button remained red even after viewing that screen.
  11. Tweak to the default distribution of incomes to result in slightly more wealthy people in all countries.
  12. Tax breaks for foreign investors now only boost foreign investment (and slower), which then indirectly boosts GDP.
  13. Various GDP tweaks including moderating the impact of OilPrice on GDP by the Electric Car Transition.
  14. Fixed Germanys debt, which is not as catastrophic as we thought :D.
  15. Added some extra negative perception effects from selected policies, events and dilemma choices.
  16. You can now click an entry on the new policies potential effects list to go to that item.
  17. At very high levels state rail,air, post and energy now boost worker productivity.
  18. At extreme funding levels, state industries now slightly boost corruption.
  19. Corruption defaults to 40% instead of 30%