Updated to 1.24, new situations, new policies and country specific stuff!

Latest changes:


  1. Improved new game debt slider so it always defaults to the middle and allows zero or doubling the debt.
  2. Added Tobacco Awareness Campaign to the Canada, Australia and Spain missions.
  3. Cynicism has a stronger effect now.
  4. Added a link between inequality (low equality) and violent crime.
  5. Added a link between average temperature and violent crime.
  6. Edits to South Korea Mission: President not Prime Minister, Removed Royal Family, Added State Broadcaster.
  7. Fixed bug where the North Korea threat could we warned about to any country!
  8. New Australia-specific dilemma: Mining on aboriginal lands.
  9. Australia gets a default energy industry boost, and some other values have been tweaked.
  10. Australia now has stronger impacts on CO2 from renewable energy due to good solar power potential.
  11. Fixed bug where the financial cost of situations never seemed to change.
  12. France and Germany now have an EU Contribution situation that costs money, Spain has EU Subsidy situation as income.
  13. Added EU Monetary policy to France, Germany and Spain. Effectively uncancellable Quantitative Easing.
  14. Members of the EU can no longer impose capital controls.
  15. Optimizations to startup, and general UI.
  16. EU countries now have a 4x multiplier to the political capital required to change immigration / tariff rules, due to needing EU agreement.
  17. The US now has custom names for ministers (like sec of state etc…)
  18. The US now has reduced anger at handgun laws from parents, reduced anger at armed police from liberals, and higher default racial tension due to it’s history.
  19. UK now has a monarchy situation.
  20. Added Nuclear Weapons policy.
  21. Fixed tooltips on customise mission screen, and we now hide 3rd party details if not enabled.
  22. Fixed bug where start of new game added one turn’s deficit to the debt.
  23. Increased Canadian government debt to the correct (much higher) figure.
  24. Private Prisons now also reduce the severity of prison overcrowding.

Hello, Cliff. How are you? I’am a brazilian player and huge fan of Democracy 4. I ust want to say that i would love to see Israel as a playable country!


This would definitely be an interesting country to add… but can you imagine how difficult it would be to get the whole palestine / occupied territories issues represented fairly in the game without making people angry?
Definitely interesting though, as security, terrorism, and the importance of foreign relations (and military subsidies) would be something really new. Plus there are interesting things such as the tech-boom in israel, and some unusual laws/policies regarding orthodox jews being exempt from military service etc… Might be interesting.


Thank for the attention for my suggestion!
Yes, i can imagine the moral issue in that region.
The idea can sound bad, but maybe can be add the two states as a playable countries (the state of israel and the palestine).
Who plays with israel, has to govern that country and handle the palestine’s tension. And who plays with Palestine, can handle with there issue with the occupied territories and everything.
Just a note, but i know how difficult it is for the public in general…

Thanks again!


So being in the EU is just a net negative for all but Spain now huh? No single market bonus, no power bloc benefits, no union-wide programs?

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What did you expected from a Brit?
Jokes apart maybe a boost to foreing investment, foreing relations an international trade could go well about modelling it.


Its only a net negative (in the game) in financial contribution terms. But good point that maybe we need some other impacts. Is there really a foreign relations boost though? a foreign investment bonus might make sense, and perhaps a stability boost?
If anything it seems foreign relations might be slightly worse for EU members as it gives rise to arguments about mutual policy on immigration, and financial contributions etc.

I wonder if there is enough evidence to prove that business investment rises with EU membership, or that other economic indicators are more stable? I always lik to base things on independent data where possible.

FWIW I voted to remain :smiley:

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Cliff they got dedicated GNSS satellites that can pinpoint your position within a metre. What is Galileo? - YouTube

I don’t have any studies on hand to point to, but it’s the most sophisticated multilateral scientific, military and economic alliance in human history. With it, its continent is a de-facto superpower, without it, they’re just states steadily losing global relevance.

Imagine if the United States or the Chinese provinces seceded into their own countries. They’d tumble off the world stage into the footnotes of history within decades. For many reasons, the UK can do with or without it, but that’s a very unique position, and certainly didn’t preclude that it had little to gain from the Union.

Other thing that may go well is reduce de effects of tariffs, since you can’t impose them on members of the union.

Its a good point, but maybe the most obvious thing here would be to remove the option to set tariffs at al for EU countries, as those decisions are clearly taken at the EU level… I think that makes sense.

Yes, but there are tariffs. So, if you remove them completely, how could that reflect their existence?

Would it be possible some sort of EU government?

As a new gameplay mechanic? I think the problem then is you end up with ‘gridlocked coalition simulator 2021’ which is fun for nobody!

You could have a mechanic where you need to send someone to the EU level of government, with the risk of dying horribly in a pandemic if you decide to use that to get rid of an incompetent.

I think it ought to be a small list of negligible bumps to GDP, stability, technology, foreign relations etc.

EU programs invest in businesses, academic programs, and humanitarian efforts. It’s not sweepingly noticeable stuff, but it’s all real.

To model tariffs one way might be just to use a situation similar to EU monetari policy.

Other thing that may be worth modeling is the Erasmus Programe, that have a high impact on youth.

True I almost forgot about the Erasmus Program

Yup this is an interesting point. Maybe it works best as an ‘unchangeable’ situation (perhaps scaled with strength of EU influence, which is kind of modelled by foreign relations) as just a positive impact on youth income and happiness?

And maybe increase liberalism, decrease patriot membership and reduce racial tension.

I agree with the second two, but why would it automatically increase liberalism? If students from the UK travel to a less liberal country, would they not pick up less liberal attitudes? (I don’t know, I never traveled as a student :D)