Updated to build 1.40. Here are the changes


  1. Fixed rare crash bug when starting a second game after quitting one where media spin events had recently been used.
  2. Changed the perception UI so that the values are labelled as ± 50% in all cases instead of sometimes being ±100%. (UI only change).
  3. Fixed bug where you could implement some policies that should be hidden if you searched for them from the main UI.
  4. Improved mod support to prevent confusion between workshop-installed mods and local mods you are developing.
  5. Added support for modding situations.

Hi Cliff, Rare Earth Metal Mining for Japan should cost a lot more (country adjustments), as they only have one place to do it, the seabed underneath a small offshore island.

Japan finds a huge cache of scarce rare-earth minerals - Big Think

and as per my old post: Japan Rare Earth Mining To Be Very Cost Prohibitive - #2 by Silviu200530

Additionally, Japan should have adjustments for population, due to the rate of suicide present, with the appropriate policies to combat it.

How’s the progress on adding an increase to CO2 emissions for the heatwave event (I know that you’re swamped with work, just asking)?

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How to reflect the upcoming $2 trillion over 10 years budget on climate and social infrastructure spending bill, which includes a possible $273 billion in tax credits for renewable energy over ten years, or $27 billion a year. This is possible in game ($6.9-7 billion per quarter setting), playing as the US, but if we wish to make RE subsidies as ambitious as fossil fuel subsidies ($1.036 trillion at max per year in game), we can’t. Of course, the real question is whether RE supply could keep up with such high demand, so I think that we need a supply chain crunch situation like the kind seen post-covid. This would not be specific to renewables, it could be for any demand-supply equation.

The Democrats Have a Lot of Cutting to Do - The New York Times (nytimes.com)

One possible solution to your immense workload, would be the post-modding revamp period, instead of just outsourcing the QA and suggestions for your game, it would be cheaper and less time-consuming to outsource your updates to some extent too. For example, if a modder solves a problem in your game, you could add that fix to your game with the appropriate credit.

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