Updates for game

just downloaded D4 and love what i see. I have a question on future updates, will I receive a notification when updates are available on humble or email ?
thanks, again great work on this

The game checks once a day and will tell you on startup if an update is needed :smiley:

Thank you for replying, really enjoying D4, I even had the wife playing on it and she doesn’t play games :grinning:

Hi there! I received a notification that an update is avaialble. However, when I click the button, it just brings me to the desktop. Is there a direct link that I can go to in order to get the update… or other course of action?

Its the same link that you originally got sent from humblebundle.com when you bought the game (it now points at a new installer).
If you deleted the link, you can ask them to send you a new one here:

Thank you so much! I just came back to let you know I read the screen completely, and figured it out. Awesome job on everything!!!

Excuse me. I see that the game has been updated but my link has not yet updated. Is that a bug or something?

Hi, the latest version is 1.04. The humble link you got when you first bought the game should now take you to this new installer. Note that the actual link doesn’t change, but the installer file does.

Oh i see. I saw the changelist and i thought it was already updated. That is my version. Thank you for helping.

yup, I should make it clearer in the changelist tbh…