US waaaaay too hard

Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve been reelected maybe 1 in 10 times I’ve played the US map.

Also, is there any reason why you start in 10% popularity?

As an addendum, I often go into the election with 50-51% approval rating and end up with 43-47% of the vote.

is your version 1.07? if so, redownload to get 1.071. There was a bug relating to party membership that made the US a bit too hard. (this explains the vote outcome seeming wrong)


Thanks for the reply, yes mine is 1.07. I will redownload now. Keep up the good work!

I think it may be a bit too easy now. In my play-through I got 89% quite comfortably

That’s just par for the course. Rebalancing elections is definitely something that needs to happen. It’s pretty easy to either completely shoot your approval down to 0 or constantly have 100% approval. The middle is much harder to get.

yes, working on it now. lots of things need balancing.

On version 1.071, US is too easy if you control the religious membership as early as possible. Got ~99% support going both ways. Reducing religious membership to 0% or increasing to 100% makes implementing changes easier, obviously not the same changes, but getting to 0% decreases the Conservative and Patriot memberships, and getting to 100% increases them significantly, which then are easy to pander to.

As an American I can’t disagree with the programming, but it almost seems too easy.

Yeah my approach was definitely to basically turn myself into a police state temporarily, then reduce Religious as fast as possible - they plotted and tried to assassinate me but never got through - and then, once the threat was gone, slowly reduce security again to spend that money on other stuff

I would argue that the game is currently far to easy even on 200% difficulty.

It helps if you give yourself some extra time by changing Executive Term Length. Game seems to have a tipping point where you can go from 50% popularity to >90% very quickly.
My strategy:

  • Get rid of negative health effects and environment by reducing motorist membership
  • Make Patriots happy and grow membership
  • Capitalists are a angry bunch, but they really like toll roads
  • Reduce religious membership with Tech college, space programs & secular teaching

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