USSN 2.0 [WIP] (slow but steady)

new thread because the old one ( is hopelessly outdated, and more than half of it was about the old mod.

The United Systems Star Navy was founded in 2110 after the interstellar drive was implemented and humanity set out to colonise space. At some point they found a wormhole and the classic curiosity of the human race made them enter it. This took them to the GSB universe as you know it.

What i want to do with this mod is to create a new way to play GSB. the ships are small and fragile, but their weapons pack one hell of a punch. I believe this will make the battles more intense and fast paced.

While i will later add cruisers into the mix, they will mainly serve as support ships. The backbone of the USSN fleet is Frigates and Destroyers. the weapons they use are as powerful (if not more) as normal cruiser weaponry, but each ship has very limited space to put them.

its hard to explain what exactly im aiming for, so i uploaded my current working version.

note that this is a very early alpha. i have not made much effort to balance it, as this is meant to give you a taste of what this mod will bring. think of it as a Demo.

--------DEVELOPMENT STUFF--------
(stop reading here if you dont want spoilers on modules, scenarios, ships and other things i want to add)

alright, here are my ideas for modules



fighter light engine
lightweight engine with low thrust. meant for light fighters.

figher medium engine
middleweight engine with higher thrust. meant for heavier figters or bombers.

figher heavy engine
heavy engine with high thrust. meant to be used on gunships and heavy bombers.


frigate generators
four different standard generators, two designed as lightweight frigate generators and two as heavy destroyer generators.

cruiser generators
four standard generators. two for cruisers/carriers and two for battleships

miniature solar generator
a powerful cruiser generator, meant to either power an entire ship or to power a supermodule (such as a super railgun or sunray)

fighter generators
three standard generators. one meant for heavy fighers/bombers and two for gunships (light fighters usually have enough power in their hull to need any generator)

-crew modules-

frigate crew
two versions. one small and one large. the small one has somewhere around 15 crew and the large one around 25 (i will reflect this on other frigate modules. the reason i want lower crew is because the ships are generally smaller than normal gsb ships. it would be silly to have a crew of 70 people on a small frigate that is only about 20 meters long)

destroyer crew
two versions. small one around 40 crew and the large one around 60

cruiser crew
three versions. small, medium, large. small around 50, medium 80 and large 110.

one man crew module for fighters. meant to control more advanced and powerful modules such as target boosters or advanced weapons.

works the same way as the co-pilot module, but has less weight and more power requirements.


reactive armour
sorta like the powered armour in vanilla. armour module that requires some power.

solar panels
armor module with a negative power requirement. meant to be used when you need a little extra power, but dont want to waste money on another generator. also works as a light armour, as the solar panels covers some areas of the ship, giving it some protection. versions for both frigates and cruisers. maybe one for fighters too

reinforced solar panels
similar to normal solar panels, but offers more protection and less power.


not entirely sure about exactly what to do here. im thinking of a system where each shield would be relevant to a speciffic situation. for instance a light shield if you want a small fast frigate, a heavy one with lots of storage and one with higher resistance.


booster modules
certain modules with a positive stacking bonus, but doesn’t really add any stats. (if my theory is right, a module with positive stacking will improve upon other modules of the same class [citation needed])

stealth layer
a fighter cloaking module. no power requirements. the idea is that this module replaces the material the ship is made of to special material which makes it harder to detect. if possible, this module will also make the ship weaker (i’m thinking a negative hitpoints thing) or with added weight, making the ship slower.

Combat and Informations Center. target booster module for frigates and cruisers.

targeting software
target booster module for fighters. requires one crew

fighter point defence
requires one crew and a lot of power. meant to be put on slower gunships.


powerful cruiser weapon. medium shield and armour penetration, high damage, low fire rate and low tracking speed. meant to be used against slow tank-cruisers and possibly stations.

beam weapon with high shieldpen and low armourpen. no EMP damage.

tactical nuke
a heavy and expensive fighter weapon, meant to be put on dedicated bombers. slow speed, low tracking, but high damage and, if possible, aoe damage.

sidwinder (name is undecided)
anti-fighter missile launcher that you put on fighters.

swarmer missile launcher
multiple warhead module for fighters. fires a swarm of fast moving missiles.

dumbfire missile launcher
frigate (and possibly cruiser) weapon. i intend to take a plasma module and edit the texture to be a rocket and animated exhaust. in theory, this should create a rocket that doesn’t turn, but i also get by the limit of one simultaneous rocket per launcher.

dual gatling gun
short range, high fire rate kinetic weapon that is meant to go on frigates that fly under the shields of cruisers. low shieldpen and armourpen.

dual gatling beam
short range, high fire rate beam weapon that is meant to be put on frigates that go under cruiser shields to gut up their armour. has lower damage than the dual gatling gun.

viking artillery cannon
a heavy frigate weapon that has an extremely long range. used mainly as a fire support module. medium shieldpen and low armourpen.

triple beam weapon
frigate beam weapon, decent maxrange but high minrange (to prevent this from being used under enemy shields)

tungsten anti fighter turret
fast tracking frigate weapon.

M3 main cannon
standard bullet weapon for frigates. decent weapon all around, but nothing specialised.

flak cannon
slow firing cruiser weapon with rather large aoe. meant to damage fighters that guard larger ships.

cruise missile
cruiser weapon with long range[/code]

i knew i had more ideas yesterday, but sleeping messes up my brain sometimes… maybe i should just not sleep anymore?

Pretty good looking pic! And its great to see you again around GSB forums! =D

I like the look of this ship as well. And just for S&G I went and paged through the old thread - I have to say I am very impressed by the quality of the models you have produced through SketchUp. Everything I’ve managed to make with it looks like something a sugar-powered 3-year-old would come up with if he had a crayon that could draw in 3 dimensions. Good work, and I’ll be looking forward to the fruits of your efforts here!

Your models look awesome. I’ve worked with the program before, so I might give it a try and see what I get. I was having trouble finding the right parts for my station anyway. I’m just curious about how I’d need to export this so that it can be used in GSB.

Looking at those models brings also up thoughts of this image from the GSB Facebook page, which has me thinking about one possible future for GSB…

Welcome back, Swedish ninja. [-handshake-] Best of luck to you in your new modding endeavour. :wink: We hope for great things from “the Sketchup viking”.

Updated with a link to the alpha/demo version. meant to for one part to show what im aiming for and another part to show how far i am.

as you may or may not know, all the ships and modules i make are created 100% from scratch by me in Google Sketchup. this means that it takes a couple of hours to design each ship and module, ontop of the usual substantial time it takes to modify and properly fit it into GSB.

how i plan to balance this later on is to make the USSN entirely independent from vanilla gsb modules. this means i need to make a USSN version of everything that is needed to get a ship operational. crew modules, armour plating, shields, engines, generators and everything else you might need.

i add a costboost to all the ships and lower the price on the USSN speciffic modules so they are more efficent to use. then i balance the actual abilities of the modules themselves to keep them in line.

i have been away from gsb since it was in 1.58, so i don’t know what new mod support has been added since then.

if someone could give me a breakdown of what’s new, i would appreciate it.

(yes i know i’m a day late, but minecraft and skype distracted me)

First and more important
Modules restriction for standard modules:
You can now make a race who can not access to vanilla modules.

Second, with a variable added => Firing when camouflaged

That’s all for now and for me.
Is there anything else guys?

well, that simplifies some of the balancing issue. how do you do this? what line of code do i add and where?

This thread will shine a light upon some features that are new as of version 1.62, including the above. I managed to successfully convince Cliff to implement those 3 very strong modding features just before patch 1.61 was released; they give us a lot more control than we formerly had.

For other features that are new to you since 1.58, I recommend that you review the stickied “Bugfix and development feature list (changelog)” thread on the Support forum. At the bottom of the first post, Cliff’s entries for patches 1.59, 1.60, 1.61 and 1.62 will be useful to you.

Version 1.62 of GSB is particularly feature-rich. For example, the flak dynamic has been reverted to how it was just before the Parasites DLC was released, during its testing phase. This is a major, major change for the better because while Parasites were in testing, Cliff decided to make the flak bullets almost always detonate, regardless of whether they actually struck the target or just “harmlessly” sailed right past it. That targeting process made actual flak-weapon tracking almost irrelevant – it was nearly a guaranteed insta-kill against all fighters from all official races. O.o

Luckily, we now have flak bullets obey weapon tracking limits, which makes Area-of-Effect damage much saner than the over-90% hit rate it formerly had. Thank goodness. :slight_smile: Prior to that vital change, flak was just too dangerous to both friend and foe alike.

We now have an entirely new DLC race, too, courtesy of GSB’s tenth expansion: the Outcasts. Several unique abilities in that race; read more here.

did some more work on the Razorback Battlecruiser model today.

it ended up being exactly 364 meters long, which is odd because i usually end up with a bunch of decimals.

right now it has 21922 Vertices and 9292 faces (sketchup cant count polygons. atleast not as far as i know)

not entirely done, still want to add some more details to some areas and ofcourse add texture to it.

8 hardpoints and im thinking somewhere around 14-18 standard. this is gonna be the most weaponised ship the USSN have.

i also made a carrier last night when i couldnt sleep.

i have mixed feelings about this one. mostly because it tured out rather small. only about 103 meters long, the hangar can only barely fit about two fighters inside. i could use it as a cheap excuse for a light carrier, but i am still undecided if i will actually include it.

Omg, luv the Razorback! The carrier might need a little more complex shappe if you want to make it look good from above.

I love to make mods for GSB, but if someday comes GSB 2, with its (presumably) 3D models, i will be ruined. And you will already have you models ready for it, lol xD

I like what i see here, Just a suggestion on the carrier. How about using the current model as one of the launch bays and then add to it some more to make it larger?

Sorry, think my question got missed earlier. I’d like to give this a shot, but need to figure this out before I start.

The Razorback is just pure awesomeness.

As for the blacktip, (sort of an expansion on Lonestar’s suggestion) maybe you could take 2-4 of those (increase size a bit first), but make them merely the hangar bays of a massive supercarrier. Multiple hangar bays are useful on military vessels: if they lose one bay the others keep going.

i thought i had already awnsered it, but it turned out my mind was just making up memories again. that, or i had one of those dreams that didnt really happen.

anyway, its rather simple. even though i go through some steps.

step one is to make the lines invisible and to add shadow to your liking.

step two is getting a direct top view of your model. you get this by going into “Camera/standard views/top”. it doesnt matter if its facing the wrong way, we fix that in whatever image editing program you got later.

then we have to change the background to a “screaming” colour. this is so you can easely use the magic wand tool to get a transparent background later. go to “window/styles” to get up the styles window. then click the edit tab and the middle button right under it for the background. choose a strong colour that you dont already have in your model. for instance, blue wouldnt be smart to use here because i have blue bits in the model.

then you go into “file/export/2d graphic” (you can also hide the axis lines in “views” and unchecking the “axes”. this isnt required, as they will automaticly be hidden when you export)

you get up a new window. click the options button down at the bottom right and pick a rather large setting to get the best quality without jagged lines (we scale this down later anyway) and uncheck anti-alias (if you dont do this, it will be difficult to use the magic wand tool to remove the colourful background) i would also recomend saving as BMP as it is the most uncompressed format.

then you just edit the image to be square. you dont have to worry about the model being in the center because step two made sure it was in the middle. remove background, resize and work whatever magic you want and save as dds

then you should be all set to use your model in gsb.

this isnt the best way to do it, its just the way i have learned. im sure if you have experience with any rendering program, you can get better results than this.

as for the suggestions on the carrier. the way i make my models means its easier to just start from scratch than it is to edit and clean up a finished one. i got another idea for a carrier and i will keep the blacktip hangar design in mind when i do it.

but today, my goal will be organisation. i need to make a list of ships, modules and ideas i want to include. then i need to figure out how exactly to do it. some ideas are rather simple, but others im gonna have to check if they are possible. expect another wall-o-text later today.

This is amazing. I didn’t know Sketchup can create this. Awesome bro!

sketchup is pretty underrated in the 3d modelling world. but keep in mind that the levels on uncharted 2 were actually designed using sketchup.

wall-o-text updated.

i think this is enough from me for today. gonna go and eat some breakfast (it is now 7 pm here mind you)

That is a lot of thought you’ve put into this. Several of your ideas jumped out at me in the “why hasn’t this been done before?” sense. Some very cool stuff there that will change the overall feel of battle with this mod. I dig. :slight_smile:

after a few busy days of school, i got home and got my hands on some modeling and started on the USSN bomber. (this is gonna be the light bomber, as i have plans for a gunship sized one. think AC-130)

still undecided if im gonna have a double seat window and some optical gadgets, a single window and more gadgets or simply a sh*tload of optical gadgets.

i wanted to make it look robust and thick, to reflect the armourboost im gonna have on it.

i also need help deciding a name. i have a list of fishnames (all ussn ships are named after fishies. their land vehicles are named after reptiles)
here are some names in my list which are not already taken


which of these names (or any other fishname you can think of) fits the bomber best?