Validation issue [resolved]


Just downloaded the game and after installing, attempted to validate.

I get the error ‘Order ID invalid’ but I know for fact it is correct.

I am aware from a previous thread (which provided no solution) that the problem is likely my proxy. However, the Proxy is unremoveable and unalterable (University Proxy) and I can’t find any facility within the program or the files to inform it of my proxy ID and Password (so the program could work through the Proxy). Is there any way I may validate this game?

Does anyone know how often Cliffski checks the forums/emails or if he’s doing something lately? all efforts to contact him thus far have been in vain.

I have been away on holiday and got back 5 minutes ago, just checking emails and posts now…

Cheers mate

Sent another email in reply, thanks for that.

Hi, I did not get any further emails from you, is the situation resolved?
Must be a paranoid spam filter between you and me somewhere

Ah, I replied to you and the attachment probably got filtered out. I’ll send again without reply status.

Okay, I sent it again without Re: in the title, let me know if it never arrives and I’ll try sending from my other email again (the one I used the first time I made contact).

All resolved now, according to your email,