Ok. I’ve just downloaded the game. I’ve tried to make the validation. ERROR: "Internet: Http:SendRequest () Failed
Andrea Pippo

Hi, it sounds like you aren’t connected to the internet. You have to be on the web to validate, and there’s a chance that some firewall or other software may be stopping the game connecting to the web to validate the game.

Don’t work. My internet is connected and the firewall is stopped. So? Is it a bug?

Have you tried with this method?

open this file using a text editor:


and type your code where it says id=

so you have (not a real code)

id = 1234-1234-1234-1

Then save it, and restart the game, and it should be entered there when you
click to go to that screen

are you running as a limited user, or with internet content filtering on? the website it connects to is at
There is something preventing the game from accessing the internet. Its not a matter of the code being wrong, it sounds like the game just can’t connect.

Thanks. I’ve stopped all the firewalls. But for my system there’s still the same error. I’m working with a VISTA and i can’t understand what’s happened. I’m sad…
Only the last question: what’s the VALIDATION ID?

The ID is the unique code you got sent with the download instructions, with 16 characters (including dashes). DO NOT post it here!
You need to type that code into the bar at the top of the screen where you validate the game, THEN hit the update button and it will unlock the game.

Couldn’t validate so I peek around. Someone else must have had the same problem.What do you know? Firewall off and bam! I’m in. So simple and obvious that I missed it.
Thanks for the help, great support and a great game too.