Varying political capital cost based on simulation values?

I’ve been thinking about the more “extreme” things you can do in Democracy, such as “Ban Sunday Shopping” - and don’t you think that initially, it’ll be much harder to implement (tons of opposition), and later, as you move towards a more religious state, that it will become “normal” and thus easier to implement? It doesn’t make sense, for example, that in a highly religious state it would be hard to ban Sunday shopping. This “difficulty to implement” issue is in the game as “political capital cost”, and I’m wondering if it’s possible to add a “Political Cost Multiplier” cell to policies like the regular “Cost Multiplier” cell? For example, having a high Religious population will make it easier to implement the “Ban Sunday Shopping” policy.

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I’d like this for changing the political system. Some countries have more rigid constitutions than others.

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You’re right - that’s a great idea!

Cliff talked about changing term lengths in his most recent developer blog - when you become a dictator, I imagine changing those will become much, much, easier.

This was feature in Democracy 3 Africa too

It’s not even a matter of dictatorship/democracy. Take the United States and Britain for example. The former has a written constitution that specifies things like term length and electoral requirements, and has a really tough amendment process. The latter doesn’t have a constitution and has an election seclude of “eh, whenever.” It should cost way more to change the political system in the US than the UK.