Videos of my stalemate situation in survival

If you are interested, here are two video clips of my stalemate battle in survival mode. It was pretty interesting situation because of two reasons: 1st. It was a STALEMATE situation in SURVIVAL mode. 2nd. The wave wasn’t any early wave so it wasn’t like my shields were too powerful to their weak weapons and my weapons were too weak to their weapons. I had 7 cruisers of which on the videos you can see only 2 of them left. So there indeed were some brutal battles before this situation. So when the enemies should have had stronger weapons, they actually had weaker ones later on.

But yeah, the videos:

In your vid you commented mentioning that you wondered why all of a sudden your cruisers started taking tons of damage. It’s the fighters. Fighter weapons take a long time to nibble through your armour, but eventually until it gets weak enough (from the rare, but many, tiny critical hits) that it rather abruptly stops reflecting any of the shots (instead of reflecting almost all of them.)

Alrighty. :slight_smile:

My very first survival mode battle ended up in a stalemate, with two cruisers against two cruisers after a slew of fighters and frigates did away with each other and a few cruisers on each side. I had to resign, which was frustrating… Seems that some tuning needs to happen - if nothing else, trigger the next wave after a timeout…

Yeah. The next wave indeed came there after timeout but if the next wave had a button, a player could call in the next wave sooner to stop a stalemate situation from happening and he could submit his scores instead of having to wait quite long before the timeout time runs out.

Well, I looked at your video and I don’t see anything odd in it. During the first video you can see critical hits damaging your armor frequently, but your two repair modules on each ship fix them up. Just as you end that video one of them has run out of supplies and started taking permanent damage. A few seconds after 1:00 in the second video there’s a couple of hits (perhaps from the enemy cruiser or frigate that are under your shield) that reduce your armor from about 70% to about 60%. The fighters quickly wipe it out from there, which tells me that its average armor must have fallen to below their penetration value.

What was the average armor on those cruisers? I suspect it was around 14, since that would let laser cannon fighters get through when your armor is at about 60% (they have penetration 8).

13.77 is the average armor. :slight_smile:

And to me it was strange situation because during my 20 years of living I had never before seen a stalemate situation on survival map on that high wave count.

Surely it doesn’t matter you have lived 20 years, if the game is only a few months old…

Also, how come in your videos the score is less than 10000 if you are into the 9th wave?

what kinda cruisers did you build?

Impirion. It does matter to me. I have played multiple games with survival mode and none of those multiple games ended up in this situation. I was just surprised that there happened this kind of moment in fighting because usually the waves get stronger and stronger all the time so you have all the time less and less chances to withstand the shots from enemies, but there I was taking the beating and didn’t mind it at all. …Until those pesky fighters came in. :confused:

Also I said around 9. I couldn’t remember correctly which wave was going and notice that those videos were filmed during 1.17 version so the scoring could have changed drastically since then. AND my FINAL score was 33 611 and not just 10 000.

Grifters, you can see most of the info from the bottom right corner. :wink: Even the icons are a bit fuzzy you should be able to figure them out in full screen mode. :slight_smile: