Visibility of positive/negative temporary effects

I want to make a proposal. Right now there are things that affect you negatively, but you have no idea unless you check. For example the market crash affects your GDP and the happiness of capitalists, but you only see that when checking the individual points.

My proposal would be to put everything on the main screen, even these negative events. They could be marked red, like the problems you deal with, and it would make it easier to find out what is affecting your nation. Similarly, if a positive event happens it would show up as a dot too and get smaller as its effect wears off.

With this in mind, it would be easier for people to see what is affecting their nation and not “hide” the effects from the main functionality.

I think this is a really good idea. It would make it a lot clearer how much of an effect something like a market crash or bird flu are having. I’ve found sometimes it takes me a couple of turns to realise how much of an effect these are having, and how the effects run on. I think this would help with that.


Interesting idea, I shall investigate exactly how much of a total nightmare coding it would be :smiley:

There is at least one possible (probably excessively simple and not very elegant) solution. If these temporary effects, instead of effecting the statistics directly, caused events this would be the effect? So you create new events for each of the temporary effects, have the temporary effect effect be to cause the event. Then the event will appear as a bubble you can see, and all the arrows etc. will come off of it.

It’s not the neatest solution and kind of involves a whole inelegant step that could probably be avoided with a coding change. But even without a change to the code, this could be done.