VOTE FOR KUDOS (Players choice awards)

Ok guys and girls, I need your help. you probably know that small indie games like Kudos need all the PR they can get. Well an opportunity exists for people who like the game to help it get some promotion. is one of the best sites of the web for promoting independent gaming, and each year they have a ‘players choice’ award. They actively encourage people to get their players to go register on the game tunnel forum and vote for their game. Registering is quick and easy, and I will really appreciate any votes I get.
I tried to win last year with Democracy, but some other pesky game won instead ;(

Anyway heres the voting page:

the fate of Kudos is in YOUR hands. Vote now! Get your friends to vote!!

Done! At the moment Kudos seems to be in a tie for second place.

theres a while before the award though, it was only announced today. I know gibbage will do well, so I need every vote I can get :smiley:
Cheers for voting.

Done. :slight_smile:

Not that you need the votes anyways - your kicking butt in first place with 20 vs 15! :smiley:

  • Mike

How come so few people support their favourite games with voting? There are hundreds of various indie games’ forums members, and only a small percentage of them seem to bother enough to (join the GameTunnel forum and) take votes. There are much more people asking for help and receiving good advice than the number of votes for the corresponding game :astonished:

the award takes a while, the number of votes will rise a lot as the date gets closer.
Thanks everyone!

Aaargh! I can’t - I’ve already promised my vote to Niels Bauer for Empires & Dungeons! When I can register on GT, that is! What a pesky registration system.

currently third

come on kudos

Second, last I checked.

fourth now ;(
I came second in simulation game of the year though:
a pity, because I was first the year before (with democracy)

Well, we know you deserve first place!

Kudos was mentioned on Slashdot last night, the subject was Game Tunnel’s Indie Games of the Year 2006.

Yeah, i think we came 8th? thanks to everyone who voted and helped it get there. It’s great to get a mention on slashdot.