[weapon Idea] Only target hulls of (size)

I would like an option in the weapon text file to make the weapon only target ships of a certain size (either cruisers, or frigates, or fighters). Some of the larger and slower weapons are useless against fighters, some of the weapons won’t even scratch the paint of a cruiser, etc…yet the ships still fire them at targets that they won’t even hit or damage.
One of the biggest offenders are fighter-mounted bombs or torpedoes. When you use bombers and the enemy has fighters the bombers will always launch bombs at them (that always miss fighters) and then be reloading when they eventually reach enemy cruisers.

We realy need this, it also ruins other slowly firing weapons like the swarm disruptor beam when they are being atttacked by ships going in and out of their range when swarmed by fighters, when they aeenou of range for a secon they fire at fighters.

we defintely need some sort of selective targetting,either this,ignore… command or something like that
it would also be absolutely awesome if we could set these parameters per weapon…

like i wouldnt mind if i had a cruiser laser firing at fighters every now and then but the already mentioned disruptor beam has a really long recharge…
same goes for fighter torpedoes… they dont rearm “that” long but coupled with relatively high fighter speed it seriously hampers their ability to deal damage,especially since half of those sorry bastards gets only one shot off before biting the dust :smiley: