Weird Bug

Ok this could be difficult to explain so bear with me.

I’ve been playing Democracy 1 and 2 for a while but this is something I’ve only recently noticed. So I go to “New Game” and then click on a country. All the settings that can be changed using the sliders are there and then I go to play. I play for a bit, then quit, then go to “New Game” and click on a different country. All the settings are the same as they were for the initial country.

Is this just a visual bug, or am I really playing Gaiatopia again when I want to be playing Freedonia?

I can confirm that I’m seeing the same behaviour (playing under Wine in Linux - thanks for making that work so well - no mods installed, just bought the game a couple of weeks ago) but haven’t been able to check what difference it makes to the game. If it’s purely cosmetic then I’ll stop worrying.

I see this when I go to “New Game” and select a country. If I “Go Back” at this point and select a different one, sliders remain in the same place as for the first country. Quitting the game seems to make the game back to normal, so I can just quit after playing each time but that’s a tad annoying.

Loving the game otherwise!

You are definitely playing the right country, I think this bug just affects the positions of those sliders. If in doubt, kill the application and restart it, but I’m pretty certain its just a cosmetic thing with those slider graphics.

It is not a cosmetic bug on the Mac version. If I load the first country, quit and start a new game, so long as I do not exit the program all of the countries show over 70% of the population to be socialists. If I exit and restart the program, it resets.

Edit: This still occurred after I moved the game app to the Applications folder and out of it’s sub folder.

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