What are the differences between Democracy 2 and 3?


I played some Democracy 2 many years ago and wonder changes Democracy 3 introduced. I didn’t see anything on the Democracy 3 website. If someone knows if this is published somewhere can you provide a link? Or if someone is familiar with both games can you write up the main differences here?


More private sector involvement (not perfect), better UI, Steam integration.

*new GUI.
*modeling of government debt causing interest on debt to change, and credit ratings agencies.
*new system for terrorism of ‘feed-in’ groups acting as a route to terrorism.
*more complex voter modeling, including voter volatility and activism.
*support for more complex equations within the simulation.
*smokers & drinkers replaced by young people & ethnic minorities.
*more situations, policies and dilemmas and events.
*political compass plots your victories, and those of your steam friends.
*variable apathy rates.
*new voter complacency mechanic.
*new per-voter group complex cynicism system.
*better mod support.
*achievement system.