What tools does Cliffski use for CSVs?


Query: I’m currently using OpenOffice.org (Calc) to edit the CSV files but find it’s not always a pleasant experience. I’m just wondering what you use as navigating CSV files without some sort of column-based view is a pain in the buttski.

Wayno, being anatomically poetic

I use a freeware tool called CSVed currently. It’s decent.

softpedia.com/get/System/Fil … SVed.shtml

CSVed is SO much better at handling commas in quotes than OO.o

Ahhh, cheers for that :slight_smile:

Wayno, hacknin’ and slashin’, CSV-style!

Amazingly I use Microsoft Excel, from office 97. Yes There are likely much better editors. I am just so mega busy that when it comes to stuff that’s ‘non-essential’ I tend to stick with what I know works rather than investigate the other options.
but you are right, not using the best csv editor is just purely insane and I should sort that out…

I dunno, excel is pretty good. I know people like to mock MS products, but if you know excel well, and are comfortable using it, I’d stick with it. Especially if you’ve learned to use things like its developer tools. Being able to use VB for developers to do high end stuff has meant I can do some of my own game dev tuning much more easily by writing custom functions to calculate a range of values, or model things going on in my game.