Whatever happened to Electronic Direct Democracy?

I always considered that policy the quintessential ultra-expensive cherry on the cake of my games. A utopian policy fit only for a society with so few problems that you can afford to blow 60 capital on it.

It’s like a victory lap


I guess the question I would ask is, how would that be implemented in game, when the player is making all the decisions? Is it like a referendum event which pops up on your window which is uncancellable and you have to accept, or if you can reject it would be massively unpopular? That’s actually not a bad idea.

Well it already was implemented. It didn’t function in a fully realised way though. It simply pleased liberals and youth.

In Democracy 3: Africa, the higher your democracy, the lower your capital per turn. There was a very good reason not to distribute and devolve political decision-making there, though no liberal paradise reward. I don’t know if that’s still modelled that way in 4, or if they plan to present that dichotomy again somehow, but expanded voting rights seem extremely relevant to it.

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Did you communicate with Cliff about this?

I believe so, in brief? I think Cliff has more than enough on his plate honestly.


Hmmmmm…still, he’s always open to new ideas about improving his game.