When would I get the download link?

[size=85]My parents are completley susperstitious and don’t trust the internet at all, so the only possible way for me to buy this game was sending money. The formed was filled out, and the check was sent around four days ago. I got an e-mail after ordering which told me that my order was recieved but there was no “download” link. The e-mail also stated a recipet will be sent once my payment was recieved.
Would I get the “download” link for the full version in the reciept or would I have to do something else?[/size]

They are probably waiting for the check to be paid in. Tell your parents that all the people who get the check do is enter the check details on the same internet-based payment system that they would have used anyway. I used to work in big city bank IT departments.
The only way to not trust the net with your money is to get paid in cash and only ever use cash :slight_smile: