Where in the code is the decay for practice?

Yes. Yes. I know the issue of the memory game has been addressed before. I have modded the entire Melodies *txt. to 1,1,1,1. I love the overall game but hate the memory game. I would like to mod the game so that I do not lose practice percentage at all. That way, I can bump up the practice percentage early in the game before the 1,1,1,1 mod switches back to “Simon mode.”

Can anyone tell me how to switch the “practice” decay so that I do not lose practice/musicianship percentage?


By the way: I’m assuming the “Practice” decay is simple to alter. Sort of like the “Golf” decay in Kudos 2. I’m assuming I can change the decay by changing a numeral in a *txt file. Please let me know if I am mistaken.

I hate the memory game, and I want to neutralize it.

I, too hate the memory game. Can anyone help us alter the .txt file? :o

Hi, Princess,

It’s mostly cricket chirps in the Rock Legend forum because Cliff’s baby is Gratuitous Space Battles right now. I don’t know whether you’ll be back to see this comment, but if you do come back, I have some info for you.

I managed to beat the game with just the 1,1,1,1,1 mod in the melodies.txt. (If you don’t know what that is, look deeper into the forum–but basically, you need to mod your melodies.txt so that all of the melodies are 1,1,1,1,1, for all instruments. Then you can practice flawlessly by hitting the 1 key over and over. Apparently, you can also mod that file to have an infinite amount of 1,1,1,1,1,1, meoldies.)

If you have modded the melodies file, make sure to do practices, but be sparing with them. Do enough practice that your “Musicianship” shows up mid-range on the after-gig meters that appear. This works.

I managed to do two sold out shows in the largest arena, buy every item in the store, and keep my band together before the 5 years were up. However, after the 5 years were up, the band members became increasingly disgruntled and I couldn’t do anything about it. Around the five year mark, your practice will turn into “fast Simon” mode again, so I assumed that musicianship was the reason my band members were leaving after the 5-year mark. If you read more on the forum, it appears that no matter what you do after the 5-year mark, your band will peter out and you’ll have to hire new band members.

So, you and I aresilly indeed–but it would be nice if the forum members were a bit nicer to non-gamers and forum noobs who at at least took a moment to read the forum–especially considering that many of the linked posts lead to the Positech home page.