Where the heck is everyone!?


All right! Where the heck is everyone!?

The only person regularly playing challenges besides me is this guy Zoul it seems and he mostly sends me hacked (but still beatable) challenges. The GSB1 challenge section is more active at this point! Is there really no one else into GSB2 … ?

I’m probably talking to the wall at this point.


My apologies to you for the lateness of this reply.

There’s definitely a reason why “everyone” is gone from the GSB2 forums as well as its online challenges. (Note: online challenges for the original GSB1 are still active!) The official blog entry at this link describes the situation, albeit not in very much detail.

The developer has stopped all work on GSB2. Whether it might ever resume is highly unlikely.

I sincerely wish it were otherwise. :frowning:

In other news, there’s still a tiny flicker of modder activity at GSB[size=115]1[/size]'s Gratuitous Modding sub-forum. It’s impressive that a few modders are still making at least a bit more new content, even though it’s strictly for the original game.

If you’re looking for anything at all that’s intruiging & different in the land of GSB, such folks are your best bet.

Good luck to you, grendelsven.


Yup, unfortunately, for reasons i still dont understand (even if i already read Clifski’s log but i just dont buy it) GSB2 development has stopped since a long time ago, thats the reason nobody is active anymore in GSB2. More than that, im surprised that there are even a few people still playing GSB2, when GSB1 is far superior.

A shame since GSB2 had so many possibilities.


The support failure for GSB2 is really disappointing. It was on the verge of being a superior game with a life that would have continued past any necessary support. However, it was abandoned before it could really stand on its own. It really needed a few more bugs squashed and maybe some DLC.
What a shame. I have four Positech games. With the premature dropping of GSB2 support, I will not be inclined to buy more for fear of similar treatment. Product life cycle is not best evaluated on an individual game basis.


Yup, it was a really bad decision, the game was not even starting to take off. Now, in my case, i dont think i will ever buy another product again, as you im really afraid of having the same terrible customer treat and a great dissapointment. So many of us were almost only waiting for GSB2 and hoping it would be as good as GSB1 and even better, specially thinking on the modding possibilities. Sadly, it was far inferior to GSB1, even compared when GSB1 started.


The things one finds out when bored and sifting thru old bookmarks.

So, I’ve read Cliffski’s blog entry. Well, boo fargin’ hoo.

  1. I’m not a “whining teenager”.

  2. I’m not demanding umpteen expansions and inclusion of new features. All I wanted was a basic working product.

  3. In good faith, I sat in the Positech Restaurant, examined the menu and thought the “GSB2” might be yummy. I paid my cash money and was given a takeaway bag of garbage. Nothing “edible”. An utterly useless pile of 1’s and 0’s.

  4. So, some of the dollar figures and profit margins you’re calculating in that blog include, essentially, fraud. Harsh, but I can’t think of any way to sugar coat it and still be truthful (though your sycophants will no doubt try). To top even that crass achievement you actually chose to quit from your own game rather than honorably support your customers and fix your own flawed work.

  5. With this precedent established, do not expect me to ever buy a Positech product again. Just like how you nuked GSB2 and then hid behind crying that you had actual competition on Steam, your next project might turn out to be “really hard” for you, too.