Whould be nice to merge with this game....


Thanks to Positech advertising i found the Light of Altair: saintxi.com/

The game is beautiful graphic, interesting plot, simple to learn hard to master, exploration of planets, colonization and cosmic battle game. So watch out it is also very addicting… very… And i have this thought what if Cliffsky would merge GSB with this game of Tom and Simon de Rivaz??? The most important part of LoA is economy and the cosmic battles are… how to say that they lack of gratuitousness on the other hand economy isn’t that important part in GSB or GSB:C.

The merging of this two great ideas could be an groundshaking game…

In other word please try and share your thoughts…


I hope that this game (GSB) doesn’t get turned into something that it isn’t.


now that would be a very bad idea…


Not turned … not turned… but upgraded


GSB online has a lot more to do with economics than Light of Altair.

I prefer games where both side have a fixed budget.


i would like to GSB to merge with the idea of the game called Light of the Altair…not the game it self as it is now. Just take the nice ideas and put them in GSB…