Why do all my ministers hate me?

A) It seems all the ministers trend liberal. I hardly ever have one that isn’t in bed with the trade unions, but

B) Even when I do have sympathetic ministers they still hate me. I’ll have a person who’s constituents are say a high orange and high green, and yet their loyalty is still a spec of red with a +1 or +1.1 influence contribution. And at the same time I’ll look at my pool of replacements and they’ll have high loyalties even though we’re total opposites when it comes to who they represent. Granted, that loyalty drops quick, but pretty much at the same rate as their sympathetic counterparts.

A) I’ve not particularly noticed any bias? I tend to have too many motorist ministers, but a quick cabinet purge dealt with that!

B) took me ages to realise this as well. Obviously, ministerial loyalty depends on how well you look after their constituents. HOWEVER, regardless of what you do, it will fall over time. Also, ministers can start with different loyalty levels. Next time you’re in the minister pool, try and find two ministers with the same interests and compare their loyalty. You may see a notable difference.

I’ve had a similar issue with a Minister who was disloyal even though her constituents were happy . Maybe it has to do with complacency and cynicism. Remember complacency is “What have you done for me lately?” It must effect them more than it does voters. Maybe change some things up over a couple of turns and you’ll se some differences. The problem here is if you’ve already done everything you to make a particular Voter Group happy, you may have to undo it, wait a couple turns and then implement it again. Be careful not to do it directly before or after an election as that will effect cynicism. This may seem annoying, but it kind of happens in real life!

As for the sympathies, these seem to be related to the levels of innate liberalism and innate socialism you can change at the beginning of the game. I lowered them and got more Ministers who were sympathetic to Capitalists, Wealthy, Conservatives, Patriots, etc. What we in the U.S. would call “right-leaning”. But also, it seems to be somewhat random. Because I had levels at default (100%) and had a multitude of Ministers who were sympathetic to either Conservatives, Middle-Income, or Capitalists.

Yeah I don’t know, I just think it’s dumb I have ministers with constituents that are extremely happy, and they’re +1.0, but if I bring in a new minister who’s constituents hate me, they could have a +4 or higher. Have those potential ministers not been paying attention to my administration? Plus every time I fire one minister, all they’re loyalties drop, so it’s a never ending recycling. I think it would be better if say I fire someone who has capitalist loyalties, all my ministers with socialist constituents, they’re loyalties go up. And then obviously their loyalty and constituents happiness should go hand in hand like it says it’s supposed to. To me, this faulty system is a game-ruiner.

I do like the idea of loyalties changing based on the characteristics of the minister you fired.
Essentially yes…minister start of keen and loyal, and then bicker with you more as time goes on, just like in real life! And yes, ministers are drawn from the actual population, so if you have engineered a massively liberal country, most of the ministerial candidates will also be liberals.
If you really dislike the loyalty impacts over time, and the loyalty hit for sackings, then you can edit all this easily. using windows notepad open this file:
\program files\democracy 3\data\simconfig.txt

edit these values:




make sure you save it as a txt file again.